Saturday, September 12, 2015

Another swim season comes to an end

The kids completed another summer league season with the usual gusto and fun! Whenever you look at pictures of Abbey, her happiest faces are made when she is in the water.

Both she and Elijah thoroughly enjoyed swimming on our neighborhood swim team.  They enjoyed meet days immensely.

When it comes time to compete, Abbey is all in.

This is the first year that Elijah has had to swim the entire length of the pool. At the beginning meets, he was a bit timid.

But, he quickly caught on a enjoyed himself.

He was chosen to be "swimmer of the week"

Abbey was chosen to go to the county-wide championship meet.

During the season Abbey learning how to do a back dive

Elijah attempted one, but after smacking his back, he stuck to side dives

Daniel didn't come home to coach this season, but he made a point of coming to one of our home meets. When he walked in, the kids flocked to him. They really missed having him as their coach(that's all the kids, not just ours)
He was on the coaches relay..

Before we knew it, is was time for the season's awards banquet.

Abbey with bestie, Darcy

Dad and Elijah being themselves

With Coach Michael
 And Coach Collier

The highlight of the evening for Abbey was hearing that she had won high point for her age group!

Ahhh, I love summer swim team. How many days until the 2016 season???