Thursday, February 22, 2018

Layne turns 5!

She's growing so quickly, always being an old soul, her age is catching up with her personality. We celebrated Layne's 5th birthday with a " Descendants" party at her house.

I made a "Mal" cake

She had several friends come and her mom put "fairy hair" on each guest.

They had a "photo booth" opportunity.

Lyra thought it was tasty

John's mom and my parents were there.

Her other Grandmother was there

Her Aunts and Uncles all came to celebrate Miss Layne

Here she is taking a picture of her friends.

Evie loves, loves, loves her cousin!

I got to spend time with all of my beautiful grand daughters.

Good family time, good friend time....just plain old good time!

She got a new member of the family...a black bunny named Onyx.

I love this young lady and am so very thankful to have her as my grand daughter.


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Greensboro Science Center

I have often heard great things about the Greensboro Science Center, and with Anna living so close, we decided to meet and experience it together.

Lots of neat hands on things to do and see....
underwater viewing

cool "in the middle of it" viewing

touching a sting ray (his barb had been removed)

It was too cold for a lot of the animals, but this peacock didn't mind strutting his stuff!

Wave, Layne and Elijah loved petting the goats.

It was boo chilly, but we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the exhibits, and I loved seeing Anna and the girls! I'm so thankful they live close enough for us to do this together!


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Chinese New Year-The Year of the Dog

The official Chinese New Year celebration doesn't actually happen until February 16, but our local celebration was this past Saturday.

Every year, our local FCC(Families with Children from China), have several groups of girls do traditional Chinese Folk Dances. There is a set order that the girls go through. This year, Abbey did the Flower Drum Dance.

With her illness, I wasn't sure if she would be able to do it, but she has recovered enough to participate.

She did a wonderful job and enjoyed it so much. You can see the glee on her face.

Two of her really good friends were in the dance with her, here she is with one of them, Kylie.

I was so proud of her, especially when she had a mishap. Her stick came away from the string and went flying off. She didn't miss a beat, kept right on and finished the dance with one imaginary stick.

There were several other dances, traditional instruments, dragon dances and many other performances. Nana and Grandaddy came and enjoyed seeing Abbey. ( John had to go to a meeting out of town, where he actually won an award.) For the first time in all of his 20+ years working there, he got a trophy for being "Salesman of the Year"!

I love this tradition! It's a small way to connect Abbey and Elijah to their native culture!