Monday, July 16, 2018

Day 3~ The Trip of a Lifetime

After a pretty restful night's sleep, (I woke up at 3 for a brief period), we had an early start for our next day. John was pumped...

we were going to the train station(which was right behind our hotel), boarding a train and going to Liverpool!! John had dreamed of going to Liverpool for longer than I've known him.

The train ride was incredibly entertaining. There was a group of guys celebrating something. They had several tables together, completely covered with liquor bottles. By the middle of the trip, they were singing and carrying on. Every time someone went to the toilet, they sang, in unison..."He's gotta poo, he's gotta poo!". Another entertaining aspect was the English countryside.

and finally our last stop...(the place where dirty Maggie May doesn't walk down by anymore)

The weather was gross...cold and rainy. Our tour guide gave us directions, a map and a "good luck". We got off the train and wandered into Liverpool. We saw a familiar name..."Marriott". We had to use the bathroom, so this seemed to be a good place to start. John spoke to the guy at the desk and got the lay of the land. We walked to the "Beatle Museum". On the way, I took in the sites of Liverpool.

This was printed on the side of a building.
 The Mercy river

We made it to the Beatle's Story Museum.

We spent a lot of time here. It was quite interesting to see actual things that had to do with the Beatle's story.

 George's first guitar
 recreation of The Cavern Club


 The actual original gate of Strawberry Fields.
The one there currently is a replacement.

After we finished the museum, we ate at a restaurant on the Mercy River. I had a cheese burger and John had traditional fish and chips.

We then had a tour in the Magical Mystery Tour Bus, which took us all around Liverpool.

First stop, Ringo's home...

Then George's home. People were living here and congregating outside. Children were playing.

Then Paul's house.

John's house....

We went to Strawberry Fields. Our guide for this tour was amazing with the background stories. When John was a teenager, he would sit on the gate at S.F and look at the young girls. His Mimi told him that he was going to get caught and "hung" one day. Thus the line, "...Nothing to get hung about..."

The church where Paul was a altar boy.
He was turned down for a spot in the choir. He went back after becoming successful and talked to the director, reminding him about rejecting him. The director told Paul, "You are what you are because you were turned down here. You can thank me for your success"

Our first stop was THE Penny Lane...

 "The barber shaves another customer"
 "At the middle of the round a bout"

The bus tour ended close to the alleyway where the bars are. One of those is the redone Cavern Club. This was pretty amazing. I never imagined it was so very small. The stage was only about 8 ft. long. There were posters all around of the people who had played there

John had to have a drink and savor the moment.

After a while at the Cavern, we had to rush back to the train for the ride back to London. It was a really long, but really neat day!

When I got back to the room, I relaxed the English way.