Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Elijah's Wishes

Elijah prematurely lost his front teeth. The first one fell out as a result of crowding and then the second one was knocked out as he took the wrong way off of a scooter and his face smacked onto a driveway. (His first worry when that happened was that he wouldn't be able to have the tooth for the tooth fairy. Abbey was able to find the tooth in the bushes).

Because they were lost early, his teeth have been verrrry slow to grow back. They've been out for over a year now.

The other night while we were eating dinner at the beach house, Elijah stated, " If I had wishes I'd wish for two things....that there would be no more orphans and that I could have my teeth grow back in!"

Such a sweet heart this boy of mine has! I'm so proud of his tender heart and although he looks cute as can be without his front teeth, I hope they grow in soon for him!!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Last zoo club and Hurricane Hunters Aircraft-May

We had our last zoo club meeting at the zoo. Since Anna now lives in Winston Salem, I asked if they could join us.

The girls blended in and joined our class on chimpanzees very well.

A couple of weeks later, Anna and the girls stayed with us while Layne had multiple practices for her upcoming dance recital. I had read about the "hurricane hunter's aircraft" that would be on display along with other displays regarding weather forecasting. Despite being quite pregnant, Anna agreed to go. If she had only known....

It was really hot and the line was really, really, really long! But she was a trooper and pushed through.  We got to see the airplane, talk to the pilots, see the weather exhibits and go into the airplane.

Not really sure if it was worth the wait, but it definitely is something that not many folks get to do.

I was just happy to have 2 of my grand babies for a few hours, I didn't mind the heat or the wait! (wink, wink)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Easter~ April 16- bucket list time!

For Easter this year we spent the holiday at the beach. Beth, Greg and Evie joined us.

We had the obligatory Easter egg hunt.

Evie was introduced to "Resurrection biscuits"

I've always wanted to go to an Easter sunrise service. This year, my sweet husband chose to forgo some much needed sleep and accompany me to a sunrise service on the beach. It was so cool to see the moon at the same time the sun began to come up.

The sermon was a bit different that I'm used to, but, boy, the view was wonderful!

Also, during the weekend, we went to celebrate a belated happy birthday for Greg. He chose to go to Provision.

Our pool appeared to be decked out for Easter!
(it probably wasn't great for the pump, but it was really pretty to look at)

The kids had successful fishing trips

Beth had some special cuddle time with her pup baby


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Celebrating My Guy

Happy Birthday to my honey!

These pictures so depict my husband's craziness! One of the many things I love about him. I may roll my eyes, but inside I adore his zaniness. It keeps me laughing, (or eye-rolling).

He's my partner and I'm so grateful for God bringing us and knitting us together!