Monday, October 31, 2016

God's plan for Daniel's next life phase

Daniel missed our vacation this year, but the reason for his absence was a reason for great rejoicing....he had secured his first big-boy job, doing exactly what he had hoped he would be doing upon graduation. He was leaving to go to Asheville to be an assistant swim coach at UNC-Asheville.

God really works mysteriously in the background leading to this job. Daniel was pretty stressed right after graduation about his future plans. He wanted to coach collegiately, but most programs required an advanced degree. He began networking and NC State (I know, I of our family at State????), but they had a grad assistant position open. It was a great opportunity to learn and the rent would be cheap...., but the positions paid absolutely nothing! He applied anyway and had some good preliminary conversations. Out of the blue, he received a call from the UNC-A head coach, who had called State and asked for recommendations. The rest is history, he got the job! He would be a collegiate assistant coach right out of college. God paved the way for a place to live and many other things just fell into place. So, that led us to John taking a U Haul the last weekend of our vacation and driving Daniel's things to Asheville.

He started Aug. 1st. He has enjoyed his job and although he is pretty lonely, he likes Asheville. Of course, this beach bum has yet to experience an Asheville winter. But, again, I know that he is where God led him.

Sporting his new team's garb, he visited for Abbey's birthday party.

Daniel knows that to achieve his goals, he will lead a bit of a nomadic lifestyle for a few years. But, for now he's settled in Asheville, doing what he loves!

Dozier Joins Women's Swimming Staff - UNC Asheville Bulldogs Official Athletics Site


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Our family vacation-2016

Once again, the last week of July and the first week of August, our family spent time at our beach house at Holden Beach. Daniel was moving to Asheville to start his new job, so he was only able to come for a day. John was with us for a few days, Anna and Jamie a few days, my mom and dad a few days, John most of the time, Beth, Greg and Evie,  and the kids and I for the whole week and 1/2. It was a time enjoyed by most everyone. There were a few squabbles, but overall everyone got along really well. We did the usual beachy things...

We had beautiful weather and were able to enjoy the beach every day.

Our beach train...

The kids went fishing...

Evie's first time with the rod and reel...

Touching the fish..(her mother would have been horrified)

Dancing at the pavilion's weekly concert....

Evie discovered a love for Uncle John. (I believe he was a bit smitten too!)

John rented a boat and everyone (minus the puking one---me), enjoyed a ride up and down the intercoastal waterway.

We ate a lot of ice cream...

We went out to eat two times...

John, Jr had a birthday during our stay. He chose to go to Provision to eat.

I'm was ever so grateful to be able to spend his special day with him!

Anna and Jamie took us all out to eat at Inlet View Grill

We enjoyed sitting on the porch and having a meal.

Beth bought me a matching hat!

With my littlest boy.

John and I got in touch with our adventurous side and rode a jetski!

What a wonderful blessing to be given a week with my family at the beautiful beach! God is so good!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 Summer Swim Season

It started like this.....

Our pool has a raffle to determine who gets the honor of jumping in first. Since there were only 4 kids interested, they allowed all of them to jump together. Of course, the youngest D kiddos were 1/2 of that four!  It looks like Abbey might have hit the water a little before the other 3.

Both of the kids participated in swim team. They demonstrated the same personality differences regarding swim team that we see in everything....Elijah has no pressure, just wants to talk and enjoy the people. Young, old it doesn't matter, he loves to talk and socialize.

Yep, no, calm and collected, that's my boy!

We had a thunder break and Elijah was caught having the time of his life--table sliding!

Then we have the jack rabbit. She doesn't nothing slow. Eats, plays, swims and lives at full speed. "No time to talk, gotta go!" that's my girl's life creed.

Dad even got in the action this summer.

Sporting Abbey's goggles, he participated in the parent's/old timer's relay.

and was awarded a participant's ribbon!

Abbey swam at the city championship meet.

All too soon, the season was over, and we celebrated the accomplishments of all of the kids at an awards banquet.

Elijah is sporting his participant's medal.

Abbey won high point for her age group.

I'm proud of both of my Amberjack swimmers!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Monticello and Skyline Caverns

We had planned to enjoy a little vacation trip as we journeyed home from Pennsylvania. As we were enjoying our last breakfast with Abbey's China sisters' families, we got a phone call that rock us a bit. Quite unexpectantly, John's brother, Chuck, had passed away the night before. He choked on a piece of chicken skin. We continued our trip, but our hearts were hurting for his wife and kids.

The first stop we made was to Skyline Caverns. The sites are amazingly beautiful and to think it's all underground is even more amazing.

This is one stalamite that people were allowed to touch. You can see how smooth is has gotten.

Sunset in the mountains of Virginia

We had a really nice hotel room for the night, and then went to Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home/museum,  as we made our way home.

We signed up for the kid's tour. They had hands on activities for the kids and explained things so they could understand. It was very informative, not just for the young, but also the old.

Trying to write with quills.

Since we have the beach house, our vacations are usually spent there. It was nice to be able to do something different!