Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Our family vacation-2016

Once again, the last week of July and the first week of August, our family spent time at our beach house at Holden Beach. Daniel was moving to Asheville to start his new job, so he was only able to come for a day. John was with us for a few days, Anna and Jamie a few days, my mom and dad a few days, John most of the time, Beth, Greg and Evie,  and the kids and I for the whole week and 1/2. It was a time enjoyed by most everyone. There were a few squabbles, but overall everyone got along really well. We did the usual beachy things...

We had beautiful weather and were able to enjoy the beach every day.

Our beach train...

The kids went fishing...

Evie's first time with the rod and reel...

Touching the fish..(her mother would have been horrified)

Dancing at the pavilion's weekly concert....

Evie discovered a love for Uncle John. (I believe he was a bit smitten too!)

John rented a boat and everyone (minus the puking one---me), enjoyed a ride up and down the intercoastal waterway.

We ate a lot of ice cream...

We went out to eat two times...

John, Jr had a birthday during our stay. He chose to go to Provision to eat.

I'm was ever so grateful to be able to spend his special day with him!

Anna and Jamie took us all out to eat at Inlet View Grill

We enjoyed sitting on the porch and having a meal.

Beth bought me a matching hat!

With my littlest boy.

John and I got in touch with our adventurous side and rode a jetski!

What a wonderful blessing to be given a week with my family at the beautiful beach! God is so good!

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