Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 Summer Swim Season

It started like this.....

Our pool has a raffle to determine who gets the honor of jumping in first. Since there were only 4 kids interested, they allowed all of them to jump together. Of course, the youngest D kiddos were 1/2 of that four!  It looks like Abbey might have hit the water a little before the other 3.

Both of the kids participated in swim team. They demonstrated the same personality differences regarding swim team that we see in everything....Elijah has no pressure, just wants to talk and enjoy the people. Young, old it doesn't matter, he loves to talk and socialize.

Yep, no, calm and collected, that's my boy!

We had a thunder break and Elijah was caught having the time of his life--table sliding!

Then we have the jack rabbit. She doesn't nothing slow. Eats, plays, swims and lives at full speed. "No time to talk, gotta go!" that's my girl's life creed.

Dad even got in the action this summer.

Sporting Abbey's goggles, he participated in the parent's/old timer's relay.

and was awarded a participant's ribbon!

Abbey swam at the city championship meet.

All too soon, the season was over, and we celebrated the accomplishments of all of the kids at an awards banquet.

Elijah is sporting his participant's medal.

Abbey won high point for her age group.

I'm proud of both of my Amberjack swimmers!


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