Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Daniel's last home meet~Jan. 30, 2016

I always figured Daniel's last home meet would be special, but in no way was I prepared for the events that made it extremely so. Due to some quite unfair circumstances, the week before the meet, we didn't think that Daniel and the other Senior captains would be able to swim in their last home meet. Parents, alumni and swimmers rallied by sending letters and e mails and calling university officials to plead for this unfair verdict to be overturned...and it was!

So it was really sweet to be able to walk out with Daniel as he was recognized for his four years of swimming at UNCW.

I'm might proud of his accomplishments. It takes a lot of hard work and extreme dedication to stick with swimming for this many years. (He started year round swimming when he was 9). Add the pressure of obtaining a college degree, which is a full time ambition in itself. I was delighted to celebrate with him!

Last cheer led in his home pool.

Last swim...

The parent's organization put on a banquet that night.

Abbey wasn't able to be there, as she was dancing in the Chinese New Year festival. My heart hurt to leave her behind with friends.

Elijah celebrated his brother.

As did Nana and Grandaddy

Each parent gave a speech about their senior. John and I talked about Daniel and how he is competitive, loyal and so important in our family.

The Seniors

The senior men

Leading a cheer

It was a really nice night. It's so very bittersweet. I kind of like going to swim meets. As I've said over the years, it's the only place where I can sit and do absolutely nothing! All joking aside, it is a great feeling to see your child want something and work to achieve it. It's also heartbreaking, as with any sport, to watch when they don't achieve their goal. While I'm sad about what it means I'm losing, I'm excited to see Daniel gain his adult life. Where the Lord takes him and what He has him do, will be wonderful to see! But, to me and my heart, he will always be my baby boy!!