Sunday, May 29, 2011

Berry pickin', finally!

I say finally, because we tried to go strawberry picking three times, only to find out that each time the field has been picked over, and they had to close. This is the first year that I felt I could handle Abbey in a strawberry field. I must say she didn't let me down. Both of the kids were great. They stayed right with me and only picked ripe, red berries.

They also greatly surprised me by not eating a single berry until we got home.

First tastes

One loved them..

In fact, she loved them so much she decided to save some juice on her face and clothes for later!

And another surprise...

Elijah didn't like strawberries even a little bit.

In fact in the coming days I made 2 strawberry shortcakes. He would eat the cake and whip cream, and take the strawberries and lay them on the table beside his plate.

Ever the one to march to his own drummer..go figure!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Abbey's "Happy Place"

The Pool!!

Our neighborhood pool opened this past weekend. Needless to say, Abbey was ecstatic!

Elijah was a little more tentative

Being coaxed by big brother

He finally loosened up a little, but for now, he still prefers the baby pool. We've got some work to do on this land loving little one!

As for the rest of us...

Let the summer begin!!!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Beth's Shower

What's a wedding without a wedding shower? Well, thanks to three of my closest friends, Beth will not know the answer to that question.
Tracy, Dee and Paula

These ladies and their families have been our friends since Beth was a baby. We've watched our babies grow together, worshiped together, played together, cried together and been  as close as family.

We gathered at Tracy's house and played games.

Beth caught up with friends she grew up with.

Beth, Rachel, and Jordan

And, of course got lots of wonderful presents!

Just  under 3 weeks until the big day!!

Friday, May 20, 2011


"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."
Matthew 6:21

I paced the floor, back in March, waiting for my little ones to get brought home to me. Anxiously I looked out the kitchen window, hoping to see the minivan of my dear friends pulling into my cul-de-sac. I'd been away for three days, and while I thoroughly enjoyed my time away, I greatly missed those left at home. As they pulled into the driveway and the kids got out, they came running to me. Both of them had their little hands clasped and exclaimed, "I got you a present!" You could tell they were so excited to present me with, what they thought, were invaluable treasures. Before they would allow me to hug them, they proudly opened their hands to show me their gifts.

They both had two rocks and two Sweetgum balls!

I graciously accepted their offerings and gushed over how wonderful they were and how touched I was that they thought of me!

Later that night, I placed them on my dresser with the pine cone that Abbey had given me for my birthday. I often look at these items and smile inside. Yes, I know, that some say it's not the gift but the thought that counts, and that is certainly true.  But, I also believe that the gift shows the heart of the giver. You see, Abbey and Elijah recognize the beauty and preciousness of God's creation. They recognize the wonder and miraculousness of nature. They haven't yet become desensitized to the gifts that God has given us.

Oh, to have the heart of a child! I'm so thankful for my " living treasures", as they remind me that there is tremendous wonder and beauty in simple things, such as rocks and Sweetgum balls.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everyone needs a little help now and then...

Background:  Abbey and Elijah have started this new phenomenon~ the kids have to, absolutely have to, watch whoever is leaving as they pull out of the cul-de-sac. I have no clue how this started, but it appears to be quite an obsession. I don't care what they are doing, they stop and say, "I've got to watch so and so go bye-bye!" Originally they would go to the dining room window and watch. Well, my dining room window is quite low. When it got to the point that I needed to clean it every day, because of the little hand prints, I told them no more watching from the dining room. So, they asked if they could watch from the kitchen door. I allowed that, being that that door doesn't have much glass to smudge. But, Elijah, being a little challenged in the stature area,  could  not see. Here comes Cinderella to the rescue! 


Monday, May 16, 2011

The boy cleans up pretty well.

If you've been noticing all the limos driving around, filled with laughing young people, or maybe you've strolled past the mall and saw the line of folks waiting at the tux rental place?  If the buzz word at your hair salon is "up-do"....then you know its prom time!!

John and I sent our fourth to his Jr/Sr. prom a few weeks ago.

While I know its exciting for the kids, and they certainly all looked gorgeous, I'm not a big fan of prom. There. I said it! I don't like prom! The expense is staggering, (Daniel's first few paychecks this summer will go directly to his parents),  the expectations are immense and unrealistic,  and the temptations and dangers are ever present. So, yes, I'm a wet blanket regarding prom.

Regardless of how I feel about it, all of our kids have gone to at least one of their proms.

Look at that handsome fella!

Look at all of those handsome fellas!

With the pretty girlies. 
This group went to the prom and out to eat together.

Anna and John waiting for the picture taking to be over.

6 proms down and 5 more to go!


Friday, May 13, 2011

A another visit to the Gourd Farm

Another visit to the Gourd Farm. We went last year and had just as much fun this year. But look how the kids have grown.
Last year on the donkey

This year

Last year, Elijah wouldn't get near the live donkey, preferring to ride the pretend horse.

This year, while at first, he wasn't too keen on the idea.

Eventually, he decided it was ok.

He still prefers his tractors

They both "fed" the chickens

Abbey loved playing with her friends.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Hunt

Some things in life you never grow out of. For me, one of these things is hunting for Easter eggs. I've always loved the feeling that something wonderful is available for the taking, hidden in plain view. I guess that's why year after year, I stuff plastic eggs with sugary goodies and have someone hide them, while the kids and I wait anxiously to be released so we can commence the finding. Here are some pictures from this year's tradition.

Such a momentous event requires an expert videographer.

Enjoying the rewards of the hunt.

Such fun, these Easter eggs hunts. Of course, they are all for the kids!! Ummm, not!!  I can imagine when all my kids are grown, I'll have to beg them to go and find the eggs I've hidden. Prayerfully, my grandkids will live close enough to visit me and carry on the Easter Egg tradition!