Monday, May 9, 2011

The Hunt

Some things in life you never grow out of. For me, one of these things is hunting for Easter eggs. I've always loved the feeling that something wonderful is available for the taking, hidden in plain view. I guess that's why year after year, I stuff plastic eggs with sugary goodies and have someone hide them, while the kids and I wait anxiously to be released so we can commence the finding. Here are some pictures from this year's tradition.

Such a momentous event requires an expert videographer.

Enjoying the rewards of the hunt.

Such fun, these Easter eggs hunts. Of course, they are all for the kids!! Ummm, not!!  I can imagine when all my kids are grown, I'll have to beg them to go and find the eggs I've hidden. Prayerfully, my grandkids will live close enough to visit me and carry on the Easter Egg tradition!

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