Monday, May 16, 2011

The boy cleans up pretty well.

If you've been noticing all the limos driving around, filled with laughing young people, or maybe you've strolled past the mall and saw the line of folks waiting at the tux rental place?  If the buzz word at your hair salon is "up-do"....then you know its prom time!!

John and I sent our fourth to his Jr/Sr. prom a few weeks ago.

While I know its exciting for the kids, and they certainly all looked gorgeous, I'm not a big fan of prom. There. I said it! I don't like prom! The expense is staggering, (Daniel's first few paychecks this summer will go directly to his parents),  the expectations are immense and unrealistic,  and the temptations and dangers are ever present. So, yes, I'm a wet blanket regarding prom.

Regardless of how I feel about it, all of our kids have gone to at least one of their proms.

Look at that handsome fella!

Look at all of those handsome fellas!

With the pretty girlies. 
This group went to the prom and out to eat together.

Anna and John waiting for the picture taking to be over.

6 proms down and 5 more to go!



  1. 5 more to go? Am I missing something? Did you go and adopt a few more that aren't in the pictures yet? :)

    I'm with you on the prom thing too. I hope the night turned out well for the kids.

  2. Hey Kristin,
    They each go to two. Daniel has only one to go!