Saturday, May 7, 2011

How hard can it be...

to get a good picture of a three year old and a four year old???

If Easter was any indication, it can be darn near impossible!

Dressed in their Easter finery, I so wanted a good picture of Abbey and Elijah. But, alas it wasn't to be! Below you can feel my pain as I try to get just one good picture.

The jack rabbit waiting for the turtle

The jack rabbit entertaining herself as she continues to wait for the turtle

distracted by the pretty flowers

Up close and personal with a flower.
Elijah is losing interest

"Do you see this pretty flower?"
Something really cracks Elijah up

Elijah is really tickled.

"Ok, done with the flower, let's ham it up!"
Elijah is wondering, "Now why am I here, again?"
Elijah is finally with the program, but..we've lost Abbey

Certainly not perfect, but the best we could do!

I should have known better than to try and get a picture before nap time, silly me! After nap, we enjoyed hunting for eggs. I did get some good pictures of this.  This year Abbey could tell us why we celebrate Easter. We really had some meaningful conversations about Jesus rising from the dead. We certainly did enjoy our nice, relaxing Easter.

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