Thursday, June 15, 2017

Magic Kingdom~day 3

On our third day at Disney, as with the other two, we got an early start.

John and Abbey wore their Star Wars shirts from Hollywood studios.

The first ride we went on was Space Mountain

My favorite part of Magic Kingdom was the parade

We had a great selection of food. Elijah chose cotton candy as one of his snacks. Our plan gave us 2 meals and 2 snacks a day. Some of the snacks were enough for 2 people.

John's claim to fame is "make them feel like puking on the teacups"

Elijah loved driving the cars.

More parade pictures

On the Buzz Lightyear ride, I beat the socks off of everyone. As the pictures shows, I took that ride seriously!

We stayed to see the show on the castle and the fireworks. It was a long, but wonderfully fun day!

While we were on vacation, our dirty laundry wasn't!  Disney doesn't have any "clean clothes fairies". So while the rest of my crew went to sleep, I had a nice quiet time in the laundry room. I must admit to nodding a bit while I waited for the clothes to dry.

At least it was a nice laundry room!

When I finally laid my head down, I joined the rest of my family in a satisfied, deep sleep!


Friday, June 2, 2017

Disney-Day 2

Day two dawned with a purpose for us...get Abbey in the "Jedi Training" show at Hollywood studios. They take kids and they are allowed to be part of a public show. They take only a limited number of kids, and it is first come, first served basis.

We were up and on the first bus from our hotel bound for Hollywood studios. After the wait for them to open the gates, John and Abbey took off for the line waiting to get registered. They made it and Abbey was in!! (Elijah opted out. We tried and tried to get him to do it. He had heard you fight against Darth Vader and was afraid) She was scheduled to take part in the 6:00 show, so we went off to enjoy the rest of our day.

And enjoy it we did!! It was great!!

The first ride we went on was Tower of Terror

You can't see Elijah, he was beside me. But, he loved it.

Then we went to Rock and Roll Rollercoaster

Like father, like daughter...

We decided to visit Starbucks and have a snack...Frappuccinas and huge chocolate cupcakes were being enjoyed when we heard this loud announcing-like music. A whole brigade of stormtroopers came marching by.  They put on a little show right there in the street. Abbey was enthralled!

This was my favorite moment of the day!

Meeting Goofy was more Elijah's speed.

We had a great time the whole day. Then it was time to get Abbey in place for her Jedi training.

They paraded the dressed up kids through the crowds shouting, "Make way for the Jedi's".

Abbey got to have her turn being a part of the show, fighting a girl villain pal of Darth Vadar.
She loved it!

We then went to FantasMic. We were going to leave because the only open seats were in places that didn't afford a good view. A guide motioned for John to go inside the reserved section and we have a great seat of the entire show!

Quickly, we then made our way to the Star Wars light show.

It was a great end to a great day! We were sooo tired, but soo happy! Everyone fell fast asleep, except for me, and I joined them pretty soon.