Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Easter~ April 16- bucket list time!

For Easter this year we spent the holiday at the beach. Beth, Greg and Evie joined us.

We had the obligatory Easter egg hunt.

Evie was introduced to "Resurrection biscuits"

I've always wanted to go to an Easter sunrise service. This year, my sweet husband chose to forgo some much needed sleep and accompany me to a sunrise service on the beach. It was so cool to see the moon at the same time the sun began to come up.

The sermon was a bit different that I'm used to, but, boy, the view was wonderful!

Also, during the weekend, we went to celebrate a belated happy birthday for Greg. He chose to go to Provision.

Our pool appeared to be decked out for Easter!
(it probably wasn't great for the pump, but it was really pretty to look at)

The kids had successful fishing trips

Beth had some special cuddle time with her pup baby


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Celebrating My Guy

Happy Birthday to my honey!

These pictures so depict my husband's craziness! One of the many things I love about him. I may roll my eyes, but inside I adore his zaniness. It keeps me laughing, (or eye-rolling).

He's my partner and I'm so grateful for God bringing us and knitting us together!


The Tarheels Win It All! ~2017

UNC men's basketball team did it! They won the NCAA tournament in a victory over Gonzaga 71-65. In our family's brackets, I proved that it doesn't take any basketball knowledge to predict winners! I handily won it. Everyone laughed at me when I predicted Gonzaga to win it all? (I'm glad I was wrong on that one).

I posted this on my Facebook page the day of the game...

The kids and I were able to go to Chapel Hill to welcome the team home. (John had a meeting and couldn't join us). I think it went a long was toward indoctrinating our little Tarheels!

We parked on Franklin Street and ate at a Chinese Restaurant for lunch.

There was a huge line just to get into Johnny T Shirt. I made a good decision and ordered our shirts online before we left that morning.

We had great seats once in the Smith Center. Elijah and I were on the news on several stations.

It was a lot of fun. At the end everyone stood and sang the Alma Mater, major chill bumps for me!

It was a great day to be Tar Heel born and bred!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Abbey meets an Olympic swimmer-April

Abbey was so very excited at the prospect of meeting someone who had swam in the Olympics and gotten a gold medal. Her swim team, Marlins of Raleigh, gave all of their swimmers an opportunity to meet Missy Franklin. Missy had participated in the 2012 Olympics and won 4 gold medals. She gave a great motivational speech and then got in the pool with select swimmers. (Abbey was very disappointed that she wasn't one of the ones in the pool with Missy. To be eligible, one had to raise at least $300 during the swim a thon. I just can't bring myself to ask folks for money for swimming. So I really didn't encourage Abbey to participate) But, anyway, Abbey got to meet her briefly after her swim and talk. She was extremely vivacious and personable. She made every one of the 300 swimmers, that waited in line for an autograph and picture, feel important. I was greatly impressed with her.