Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Abbey meets an Olympic swimmer-April

Abbey was so very excited at the prospect of meeting someone who had swam in the Olympics and gotten a gold medal. Her swim team, Marlins of Raleigh, gave all of their swimmers an opportunity to meet Missy Franklin. Missy had participated in the 2012 Olympics and won 4 gold medals. She gave a great motivational speech and then got in the pool with select swimmers. (Abbey was very disappointed that she wasn't one of the ones in the pool with Missy. To be eligible, one had to raise at least $300 during the swim a thon. I just can't bring myself to ask folks for money for swimming. So I really didn't encourage Abbey to participate) But, anyway, Abbey got to meet her briefly after her swim and talk. She was extremely vivacious and personable. She made every one of the 300 swimmers, that waited in line for an autograph and picture, feel important. I was greatly impressed with her.


Elijah plays basketball

Elijah has wanted to play basketball for a couple of years. I waited in a 2 hr line to try to get him in Upwards, only to not secure a spot. So, this year, we signed him up for New Life Camp. They took his age as of January, which gave him an advantage. He actually was nine, but played in the 8 and under league. (He still was among the smallest). He enjoyed playing, though at first, admitted to "being a little bit nervous". He scored several times and learned some of the fundamentals of the game.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Visiting our mountain guy

Ever since last year when Daniel moved to Asheville to be the assistant swim coach at UNC-A, John and I have been trying to get there to see him. In the fall, prices were high because of the leaves, in the winter, because of Christmas. Finally, we discovered a place that was affordable- The Lambeth Inn at Lake Junaluska. I think we were the only ones there younger than 65, albeit not too far from it, also the only ones who weren't part of  The Red Hat Society. But, the room was clean and considerably cheaper that anywhere else around Asheville.

We drove down on Saturday early and picked up Daniel and Lou. We had a wonderful time visiting Mt. Mitchell and the surrounding areas. Daniel picked the restaurant, Red Hot Wings (something like that).
It was rather cold on Mt. Mitchell, so I was glad I had packed a coat.

Such beauty even in death and decomposition

We left Mt. Mitchell and followed the Blue Ridge Parkway to other scenic spots.

I could hear the water rushing from this distant water fall.

Elijah typically kept his feet on the solid ground.

Mountain climbing tuckered Solomon and Lou out. Solomon loves Lou. I think he hasn't forgotten that Lou was with us the day we picked Solomon up. This picture shows them laying in the car the day we got Solomon, on the way home from Charlotte( on the right). The left shows them after our mountain expedition. We call Lou Solomon's "Dogi" (as in Jedi). Solomon was afraid of walking on the road when we first got him. We walked him with Lou and he started walking on the road.

It was a wonderful day. The next day, the bottom fell out of the sky, putting a damper on our site-seeing. We went to a church that Daniel wanted to visit and then went to see his office and tour some of UNC-A.  John and Daniel gave the UNCA gym a try, afterward we went out to eat and then headed home.

Daniel's office

Even with the washout on Sunday, it was fantastic to see my big boy and his grown up life. I miss him horribly, but it's nice that now I can picture where he is when he tells us about his job.