Monday, December 31, 2012

An Early Christmas Present

Several weeks ago, Abbey began gushing over a poster we saw describing the upcoming "Disney On Ice", "Brave...Merida...Mom, it's Merida! Look!".  We had just watched the movie, "Brave", and Merida is Abbey's new heroine. I explained to her what the advertisement was for, and immediately she started begging to go. A few weeks before Christmas, I didn't think it was wise to shell out the money for all of us to go to this show, so I told her that I didn't think we'd be able to go this year...maybe next.

A few days later when I got the mail, I had a letter from a friend of mine that works for a local radio station. I opened it, and low and behold, there were 4 complimentary passes to "Disney On Ice"!  My friend just thought that we might enjoy them. Abbey was ecstatic!

The day before the show, Abbey started running a fever. She had the illness which I was to get a week or so later. Her fever at times was as high as 104.7! On the day of the show, she wasn't fever free, but it was definitely cooler than the day before. So, we decided that she would sit between us, so as not to infect anyone else, and we would go.

Getting ready to begin

A bit weak eyed, because of a virus, but oh so happy to be here!
We saw Mickey, Minnie, et al, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel and then, finally...


My two were enthralled throughout the whole show.

I'm grateful to my friend for giving us the tickets which allowed us to have a great family outing with very little expense!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

An angel and a sheep

I love our neighborhood at Christmastime! We have some wonderful traditions. One of these traditions is the living nativity one family hosts in their front yard every year.

We celebrated with John's family in Winston Salem yesterday. Abbey begged to get back home in time to go to the nativity.

We made it in time to see the next to the last performance.

Our kids and a couple of friends watching

One neat aspect is that this family encourages anyone who desires to become part of the nativity. Abbey and Elijah wanted to be in the last one.

Abbey chose to be an angel and Elijah wanted to be a sheep.

The shepherd comforting the sheep.

It was quite cold outside and I could see them shivering. But both of them stayed still and "performed" for the whole 15 minute show.

These past two weeks haven't been full of Christmas cheer for me. Abbey had a flu-like illness and then I caught it. It really kicked my butt! I've felt awful and had zero energy to invest in any preparations. But, as I left, when they were done, I felt in the Christmas spirit for the first time this season!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A future bookworm is born (I hope)

I came into the den last week and found Abbey reading a new library book. Seriously, she really was reading and it was a book we had not read yet! She's been reading little three word books for some time and tries to sound out everything she sees. But here she was pulling it together.


She wasn't perfect, but for a kindergartner, I think it's pretty doggone good!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bashful Baby

Through the miracle of modern technology, John and I got to meet our granddaughter this weekend.  It is beyond amazing how we can peek into a momma's belly and see a baby. Not a blur, like when I was pregnant, where you tried to make out what was what, but a no doubt about it, bonafide picture of a baby!

We took Abbey and Elijah with us. To them, the biggest deal was that the baby was...gasp...naked!!! They couldn't believe that babies were born with no clothes on. Luckily the ultrasound was G rated, but we still had lots of discussions and giggles about her and other babies being born in the buff. So funny the way their mind works. They both giggled like they had been told a dirty joke.

After this, they were pretty sedate. It was like... "Ok, so that's her picture. Can I play with your i phone please?"

Layne, as she will be called, was quite bashful. She wasn't too keen about us peering in her baby cave.

No pictures, please! She seemed to be saying.

But her Momma began pushing and prodding and got the little girl a moving.

Sucking her arm...maybe.

A little smile!
Finally an unobstructed view.

I only know one thing...I can't wait to get this little bugger in my arms!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Warning...this box is protected!!

My kids, like countless others, love a cardboard box.

We had to replace my dryer drum, (under warranty, thank goodness), and I asked the repairman to leave the box.

Abbey and Elijah immediately went to work, making their paper house a home. I helped them create windows and doors. They decorated the outside with markers.

Abbey, in particular, paid very close attention to detail...right down to the security system for their humble abode.

If you look closely you can see the address--115987. Below that is the CPI logo, and below that is the word, "wornee"-her spelling of "warning".

I'm so glad to know they are properly protected!



Saturday, December 1, 2012

Turkey's not even digested well, and it's on to Christmas!

We usually decorate our Christmas tree a couple of weeks before Christmas. But this year, we decided that since Beth, Greg and Daniel would be with us, we'd do it Friday evening right after Thanksgiving. Beth hasn't decorated a tree with us in several years, and it was a first for Greg.

Amid Phil Keaggy Christmas music and hot chocolate and coffee, we went to decoratin'!

But, first we had to take away the electronics from our addicted techies.

For some unexplained reason, Abbey decided she wanted to be a cat??

My oldest and youngest girls.

Beth promptly scrubbed off the whiskers but left the hot chocolate mustache.

Grand dog Bella watched over the festivities.
Each took turns putting up ornaments with their pictures on them.

An awful picture of Daniel, but the only one I had. (He really was happy to be here, I promise!)

Greg's first ornament

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The finished masterpiece!