Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bashful Baby

Through the miracle of modern technology, John and I got to meet our granddaughter this weekend.  It is beyond amazing how we can peek into a momma's belly and see a baby. Not a blur, like when I was pregnant, where you tried to make out what was what, but a no doubt about it, bonafide picture of a baby!

We took Abbey and Elijah with us. To them, the biggest deal was that the baby was...gasp...naked!!! They couldn't believe that babies were born with no clothes on. Luckily the ultrasound was G rated, but we still had lots of discussions and giggles about her and other babies being born in the buff. So funny the way their mind works. They both giggled like they had been told a dirty joke.

After this, they were pretty sedate. It was like... "Ok, so that's her picture. Can I play with your i phone please?"

Layne, as she will be called, was quite bashful. She wasn't too keen about us peering in her baby cave.

No pictures, please! She seemed to be saying.

But her Momma began pushing and prodding and got the little girl a moving.

Sucking her arm...maybe.

A little smile!
Finally an unobstructed view.

I only know one thing...I can't wait to get this little bugger in my arms!

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  1. So cool!
    And I'm going to admit to snorting a bit over Abbey and Elijah being so shocked about naked babies. :)