Sunday, December 23, 2012

An angel and a sheep

I love our neighborhood at Christmastime! We have some wonderful traditions. One of these traditions is the living nativity one family hosts in their front yard every year.

We celebrated with John's family in Winston Salem yesterday. Abbey begged to get back home in time to go to the nativity.

We made it in time to see the next to the last performance.

Our kids and a couple of friends watching

One neat aspect is that this family encourages anyone who desires to become part of the nativity. Abbey and Elijah wanted to be in the last one.

Abbey chose to be an angel and Elijah wanted to be a sheep.

The shepherd comforting the sheep.

It was quite cold outside and I could see them shivering. But both of them stayed still and "performed" for the whole 15 minute show.

These past two weeks haven't been full of Christmas cheer for me. Abbey had a flu-like illness and then I caught it. It really kicked my butt! I've felt awful and had zero energy to invest in any preparations. But, as I left, when they were done, I felt in the Christmas spirit for the first time this season!

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  1. Beautiful angel and oh so cute sheep! I guess that's why you weren't at the last gymnastics because of your illnesses? Josi had the same thing Christmas day and is just today feeling a little better with no fever. Yippee! Hoping no one else gets it. Merry Christmas!