Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Walt Disney World!!!- Day One- Animal Kingdom

John and I have visited Disney World in Florida a couple of times with our older kids and knew it was inevitable that we would need to take the younger ones at some point. We wanted Elijah to be big enough to ride the rides and we didn't want to go when we had the expense of college to deal with. This year was our year! Elijah hit 49 inches and Daniel had graduated from college.

We contacted a Magic Kingdom Planner and found an affordable package which allowed us to stay on site and have 2 meals and a snack provided. We were assigned a room at the All Star Music Resort. We chose to drive, but spent the night in a hotel close to Disney in order to get to the first park as early as possible.

The entire trip was fantastic! The weather was beautiful, raining only once, and that was while we were in a show. The lines weren't long. We got to do the things we really wanted to. It was just a perfect trip.

But, at the first park, I wasn't so sure it was all going to be hunky dorey. We hit a little hicup, with our youngest child.

 Our first park was Animal Kingdom.

We had a fast pass to the Dinosaur Ride. It wasn't my favorite and Elijah really didn't like it.

John and the kids rode a twirly ride.

The next ride was Exhibition Everest. We waited through the line and got to the front and Elijah started to cry. I took him out and Abbey and John rode it. We all were really upset at Elijah. Abbey wanted to ride the Dinosaur Ride again, but I wasn't thrilled, so I offered to sit out with Elijah. John, visioning that this would be our 4 days, was not happy with Elijah at all. I told Elijah that this is what it would be like and I took out my book and began to read, paying no attention to him. We had a fast pass for Exhibition Everest, so there I sat with my book and Elijah kept looking at the ride. He suddenly announced, "I'm thinking about trying it!" I made a deal that if he would try EE, I would ride the twirly ride. So, he tried it, and at the end of the ride stated, "Can we do that again?" He was good to go the rest of the trip!

Next we went to the African Safari.

We all really enjoyed it along with the bird show...

After the little hiccup, it turned out to be a wonderful day!

We checked into our hotel. The room wasn't anything to write home about. But, the pool area was really nice.

Waaay too cold for Mama Bear!

The next day...Hollywood Studios


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chinese New Year, January 28, 2017

We ushered in the year of the rooster with our usual festivities. The Chinese-American organization always sponsors a gathering, and this year was no different. FCC was invited to bring their Chinese Dancers to perform.

Abbey has been dancing with this group for about 5 years. They go through certain dances, changing each year. This year she did the "cups" dance.

What girl doesn't love to twirl in a full skirt?

This year is the year of the rooster.

One of Abbey's besties, Lily, also dances.

Nana and Grandaddy came to watch our girl

Dad and Elijah are big fans!

To handle those cups, it takes a lot of concentration. Abbey complained that she dropped one just about every practice. But not once during the performance!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

January ~ Daniel returns to his roots

Daniel's team, UNCA swam against his Alma Mater, UNCW this year. We were excited to be able to see him "in action".

We traded our teal blue for royal blue...

It was fun to get a peak into our son, "the coach"

After the meet, Daniel enjoyed seeing his old coaches and catching up with teammates.

Elijah loved seeing his big brother. (Abbey was back home at Chinese Dance practice)

We're so very proud of this young man.


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