Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Celebrating Abbey's 11 birthday a bit early

My sweet girl, Abbey, turned 11 this year!!

Ever the fishy, she wanted to have her party at the pool, so she could share her happy place with all he friends. The problem was that the pool closed for the season before her birthday. So, we decided to move her party to before her birthday.

Her obsession that time was with the movie, "Trolls", so of course, I made a "Trolls" cake.

We had about 16 kiddos come to a party. They played in the pool, played "Trolls" trivia, ate hot dogs, had a pinata and had photo booth props. Abbey loved every minute of it!

Then, on her actual birthday, the birthday girl ordered chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream and strawberries.

Anna, the girls and Nana and Grandaddy came over.

Abbey decorated her own cake....recognize another obsession?

She's still my baby! I love every minute of time that I get to spend with her. She's pretty wacky about her obsessions, (at this writing, the latest is Ninjago). She's rarely grumpy and very responsible. I love that most of the time, she does what I ask her to. I haven't seen but just a tinge of preteen rebellion. She has had several "crushes", which, thank goodness, have not gone any further than just saying that she has a "crush".
 I adore her zest for life!

 just as I adore her!!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Family Beach Vacation~July 28-August 1

As has become our tradition, we went to the beach as a family, or most of our family anyway, for a week of togetherness. Daniel was only there a few days, Anna, with a 2 month old baby, didn't make it until September, and my mom and dad came for 4 days. The weather, except for one day, (which was the proposed boat trip), was phenomenal! We had a super great time!

Looking for shells... betcha not many baby dolls get to tag along for shell seeking?

Ate most meals outside on the porch.
Daniel showing off one of his lovely looks!

Ate ice cream several times

Granddog Lou joined the gang at Beaches and Cream

Someone perfected her beach napping skills

When not napping, she adored the beach!

We played cards, mouth game, karaoke, ping pong and  basketball.

shared lots of hugs

Enjoyed the ocean

The big guy made sure he still "had it"

Forgot to mention playing football

Celebrated a very special young man's 30th birthday! I can't believe my oldest boy is that old! It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate at his happy place!

That's what big brothers are for!

Such a gorgeous sky, but even more gorgeous girls

Happy Birthday!

 of course, did some fishing
 another beach nap

Sweet family portraits at Inlet View

Me and my one and only

Nana even enjoyed a little beach time!

Beth rented a paddleboard, and along with Abbey got pretty good at it!

Grandaddy even got in the pool

The rescheduled boat trip (one of us stayed on dry land)

I'm so very blessed to be able to enjoy this time with my family. God is so good to me!!