Friday, December 29, 2017

Amazing tide pools-Sept. 17-18, 2016

Hurricane Maria, which didn't directly hit our beach, had an impact on the ocean and the beach. The waves were huge!

Which allowed for some fun surfing.

Which led to some happy kiddos

We stayed extra days while John worked the area. The kids and I went down to walk on the beach. This greeted us.

The next day we went down and found the tide pools so deep, the kids could dive in. (They had not worn bathing suits, but I couldn't let that stop them from enjoying these unique pools)

The ocean is indeed an ever changing body of water!


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Lyra's first beach trip

Anna didn't think she could make the trip to the beach, in August, with the rest of the family, but she agreed to come in September. Jamie had to work and couldn't make it.

This was Lyra's first trip to Doz A Way and the beach!

Beth, Greg and Evie came also. (Although Greg had to leave early to get back to work)

I bought a small shade that Lyra stayed under.

When she woke and wanted to be held, I was soo happy to oblige her, while giving her mom time to play with her big girls.

When the girls first got to the ocean...

I did get to enjoy some ocean time also.

We had great weather and all enjoyed the beach.

We had several trips to Beaches and Cream...

Wave was a biiiig fan!

back at the house, I got some special reading time

Everyone got to cuddle with our newest member.

The cousins enjoyed spending time together, as they always do!

Abbey enjoyed time with her big sisters.

When it came time to leave both Evie and Layne wanted some of our pretty hydrangeas.

We got our first photo of all of our wonderful grand daughters. (it only took about 15 tries)

The beach is such a special part of our family, I look forward to many more visits with Lyra and the rest of our gang!