Friday, October 6, 2017

And then there were four!!

John and I weren't able to celebrate on our actual anniversary, because we were in Kentucky at Abbey's Mei-Mei Reunion. We postponed our alone time and decided to go the next Wednesday. We had a babysitter and started out for a nice night with just the two of us. Before the night ended our rendition of  "Just the Two of Us", had turned into "Just the Six of Us"... Anna ended up going into labor and we jetted, (a two hour drive accomplished in one hour and 40 minutes), to Winston-Salem, picked up Layne and Waverly and took them to their house in Pffaftown.

Side note....this was a bit funny because three years ago I agreed to babysit baby Layne while we went to Bonefish for our anniversary, and she screamed, cried the entire time. I joked to Anna that her girls share a knack for messing with my anniversary dinner!

We took the girls, our kids and Solomon to their house and proceeded to wait for new about our new grand daughter's arrival....which didn't happen.  Anna didn't dialate any further than 5 cm, and since she was only at 36 weeks, they refused to break her water. These were newbie midwives, going completely by the book! I felt they were playing with fire. Anna lived 20 minutes from the hospital, I could see her not getting there in time, since she was so reluctant to go back, fearing being sent home again.

The next day, John worked from Anna's house and we just hung out. She had an appointment with the midwife and she stripped her membranes. At this point she was dialated to 6 cm...lunacy to send her home,  in my opinion!

We had decided that if the baby did not come by Saturday, we would take the girls to Raleigh with us and come back when the baby was born. But, that didn't happen....

That night, around 2 am, John woke me up and said, "I heard someone knock on the door, and I hear movement". I poked my head out in time to see Jamie flinging on his backpack and a VERY distraught Anna. Her water had broken and she was in big time labor! As she walked down the stairs, I heard her say, "Ouch, Ouch..."  Jamie squealed the tires as he tore out of the driveway.

They made it to the hospital, barely. She was 10 centimeters when they got there. Our precious 4th grand daughter, Lyra James S*******, made her way into the world very quickly, weighing in a 8 lb 15 oz. and 21 inches.

The next day, we took the girls to meet their new baby sister.

Aunt B and Evie drove to meet their new niece and cousin.

The next day we took the big girls to Tanglewood Park. We had a wonderful time. It was so special to be able to spend this time with them. We laughed and sang in the car as we traveled. It was a great bonding time. They both are so very special and have a firm grasp of mine and John's heart!

A couple of weeks later, Anna and the girls came for Lyra to meet Uncle John and Nana and Grandaddy. This is Lyra's first visit to Mimi and Papa's house.

Aunt Abbey hog!

Oh, my sweet Lyra, how blessed I am to be your Mimi. I know that you are going to be wonderful just like your sisters and cousin. I will always love you and be in your corner! I will cherish watching you grow, (although I won't be able to see you as much as I did your big sisters, which hurts my heart). You are a beautiful gift from God. And He has your days in His hands! I pray that you will know Him and seek Him with all of your heart! I love you!


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mei Mei Reunion 2017

For the past ten years sometime during the summer, we get together with some very special people. (We only missed one ~ the year Beth and Anna got married). This special treat has been labeled "Mei Mei Reunion". During this reunion we come together at various home towns of families that traveled to China together. Most of our girls are from the same orphanage. We share an incredible bond with the parents and girls. Abbey adores this time together with her "China Sisters".

This year the weekend of June 23rd, we traveled to Lexington, Kentucky to the Etter's (Dana, Paul, Lucas and Brooke).

The cranes that John sells are manufactured in Lexington, so he arranged for us to take a tour of the factory. A couple of families joined us for the tour.

That evening we had pizza at the Etter's house. Their son, Lucas, was a previous world champion of Rubics Cube. He has a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records.

The girls (and Elijah), were constantly asking him to solve cubes. He was such a good sport, he'd oblige them every time. It was amazing how quickly he could solve it. His mom said he had over 1000 algorithms in his head to solve it.
Abbey and Elijah wanted to get their picture made with him.

Elijah also loves going to these reunions. He has a very special friend, Emma, a little sister to one of Abbey's China sisters. They also share a bond, like their sisters. I really think Emma is a gift from God for Elijah. Every year they do their own thing.

Emma was doing her own gymnastics along with Elijah here.

Saturday morning we went to the Kentucky Horse park. The weather was beautiful and the place was very interesting.

There was lots of time for the girls to talk.

Elijah couldn't quite muster it enough to ride a horse.

Look at the happiness on those precious faces. They so enjoy each other.

After the horse park, we all went swimming at the hotel pool.

Then it was off to a Chinese restaurant, then ice cream.

On the way to the hotel several girls rode in our car. They realized they all knew the same hand claps. It was fun to hear the laughs that ensued.

Then we went back to the hotel, took lots of photos. The girls have a tradition of watching a movie in someone's room. Since we couldn't fit everyone around the computer, we commandeered a hotel meeting room and the girls watched "Trolls"

What a crew!! I love these folks.

They can be crazy!

 and make me laugh like none other!

The morning before we left, we met a Panera and shared breakfast. Although, not easy, it was time for goodbyes.

Such a gift from God!

 All of us talk about how amazing it is to only see folks once a year and be able to continue as if we'd only been apart for a little while. We shared a wonderful, miraculous time in China and that bond is wonderfully, miraculously strong!