Thursday, January 26, 2017

Solomon's first year

 Our furbaby, Solomon, was a year old this past September 28th.

When we got him on Dec. 15th, I had no idea that this floppy eared little fuzz ball

 would grow to have such a part of my heart! But, he certainly has! He had a bit of a rough start... he was a wild man, impossible for me to walk. I could make him do just about anything for a treat, but how to stop unwanted behavior, I had no clue. We decided to send him to bootcamp. He went to Proactive Dog Training for a weekend stay of board/train. We got a different dog back (different for the better). He's been worming his way to my heart ever since.

We knew he was uber smart. He learned to sit the day after we got him. He really is very bright. He also is pretty obedient, (since bootcamp). We can tell him to go to get in his bed, and he trots right into his crate. The command, "Get in the tub", sends him straight to the tub, where he stays until his bath is over.

He still has wild puppy-like times, but he has calmed down a lot. He loves to fetch balls and will sit outside for hours, on the porch, with his ball in his mouth.

I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those choppers

He is very vocal and barks a bit too much. If he wants something or when he's scared with a vet trip, he will whine like a baby! If one of us leaves the others in the car, he starts up crying. He is a pretty good watch dog, as he barks at every little thing. I don't think he would do anything if someone actually came in unwanted, but I'm not sure. I do know he would be a noisy thing to deal with.

He loves the beach and the beach water, but doesn't love the pool. This past summer, when Abbey tried to get him in the pool, he climbed up to sit in my chair.

 Loves playing with his nephew, Lou. Lou is his "dog-eye" (as in Jedi). He copies Lou and love being around him.

All of our family loves our boy.

This was taken on his first birthday.

Wanting to be outside with his children

Our Solomon is certainly something else, loves to be petted, yet loves to play. He's a lot of fun. I can't imagine not having him as a part of our life...told you he had part of my heart!

These are pictures of his Dad and his Mom

This was the first time we saw him(he's the one in the back)

Early pictures.

Such a sweetie and so much a part of our family!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Grandma turns 90!

John's Mom turned 90 years young on Oct. 24th of this year. We had a celebration for her at our house. Around 35 family members came to eat barbeque, fixin's and cake.