Monday, June 30, 2014

Baseball at the DAP~and an alternative meaning for carnivorous

We enjoyed face painting and watching a baseball game in Durham the other night.

Elijah got a kick out of watching a "real" baseball game in person but didn't want to have his face painted. Abbey got a kick out of transforming into a butterfly.

Daddy got a kick out of pretending that he had enough hair for a hair band.

This just might be the occasion that caused Abbey's latest estimation of her dear, old dad….

We were studying animal habitats for her Minecraft homeschool, and I read to her that a polar bear was carnivorous. I asked her if she knew what that meant. John was listening and interjected, "Daddy's carnivorous!" After thinking a minute, she replied, "Silly?"

While not the answer I was looking for, I had to give her credit that she made a very valid point! (but I wouldn't want him any other way)


Friday, June 27, 2014

The mouth watering field trip

Earlier this spring, we went to tour a chocolate factory…I was particularly interested in this field trip, as chocolate is my favorite food! The place was really small and the tour was self guided. I did learn quite a lot about chocolate making.

They gave us tiny samples, which was the only chocolate we had. I had a major sticker shock when I discovered a small candy bar was $10! Needless to say, I only got to lick my chops after tasting the samples.

Even with my disappointed tummy, it was a neat learning experience.


Monday, June 23, 2014

I did, I do and I always will!

When John and I were dating we would occasionally go and see his brother's band play at a local nightclub. I love to dance and John would humor me by shaking a leg out on the dance floor.  His brother's band played top 40 and beach music. These weren't really John's favorite types of songs, but he learned to shag,  pasted a smile on his face and joined me on the dance floor. (Further evidence of his love for me).  One of the songs the band always played was this:

This became one of "our songs".

Today, on our 30th wedding anniversary, this song comes quickly to mind. It's so very true. Everyday I'm more in love with, more dedicated to, more proud of my husband. Back when we were shagging our hearts out to this song, I couldn't imagine the depth that our relationship has attained over the past 30 years. We can finish each others sentences and often anticipate the other's thoughts almost before they are thought of. Of course, we don't always agree and that's not always a bad thing. Ruth Graham once said when asked if she and Billy had disagreements, "if two people agree on every thing, one of them is unnecessary".  

My heart still gets excited to greet John everyday after work, and when we have to be apart,  it's like a part of me isn't there. I thank the Lord for giving us to each other. There is no one else on this earth who understands me like John does, and still loves me~amazing! We've grown up together, in all areas. I look John to be my moral compass, my rock during tough times and my jester during fun times. He makes me feel pretty and appreciated. 

I also count on him to walk a three legged walk with me and the Lord. We've been blessed beyond measure in all ways, but most importantly in our devotion to each other and God. I pray God's protection around us and our marriage. I know it's been there in the past and count on it for the future. Thirty years is a heck of a long time, but it's really been a blink! Life with my honey is wonderful and gets better every day! 

John, thank you for loving, cherishing, laughing with, crying with and just doing life with me! Next to my God, you are my everything! I truly do love you more today, than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow!


Sunday, June 22, 2014

No longer a teenager

As of May 30, 2014, the world was minus one teenager. Daniel turned 20!

His chosen breakfast

Served to him in bed

Abbey and Elijah joined in

Taking time out from eating to text his girlfriend. I swear he has to have callouses on his fingers. They don't know how great they have it. (When John and I were apart during the summers while in college, we could only ring one time and hang up to let the other know we were thinking about them!)

Cake that night before he took off to celebrate in Wilmington.

I'm so proud of this latest member of the non-teenage club. His grades were good this semester and he  had to work through an injured knee while continuing to swim. He has an excellent work ethic. I must say that his room looks a lot neater than it did last summer when he was home, it's good to see that maturity developing.   His little brother and sister love him to pieces, a fact that warms this Mama's heart!

 We've had the expected little bumps that usually accompany a young adult moving back home, but I'm confident those bumps will smooth out over time.

My Danny boy has been a delight since he made his way into the world, blue faced from the rush to get out, and he continues to bring me joy with every day!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

A working Memorial Day

This Memorial Day was spent at the beach. Now, before visions of slow starting mornings, lounging at the beach or pool and generally relaxing come to mind, I must correct those misconceptions. This holiday was spent working, working, working!!

We tackled the chore of painting the entire fence around the pool and covering the pool deck with a special coating to prevent splintering and weathering for 15 years. It better work, I can't see me agreeing to do it again for another 15 years. It was quite a job. It took us most of the weekend and all of Monday to get the painting done. But, it really does look nice!

We had a couple of great helpers in Daniel and Cat.

This was Cat's second visit with us, after working so hard, I hope she'll come back!   She and Daniel painted on the fence just as much as John and I did. So much so, we gave them the minivan and our credit card to go on a date.

While we did work, we also got to play a bit. Anna, Jamie, Layne, John and Sharon joined us on Saturday and Sunday.

We enjoyed the beach together.

Sharon didn't come until the evening, forcing John to pretend she was with him.

On Saturday evening, everyone showed their love for me. I love to play games, so they humored me and we played "Family Feud". It was girls against guys. We both won 1 round. It was a lot of fun for me, and I think even my "game haters"(you know who you are) enjoyed themselves.

Generally, we just enjoyed being together.

Sunday night we went to our first Holden Beach summer concert. The town has a band playing at the pavilion every Sunday night.

Despite my aching fingers and shoulders, I really enjoyed this working Memorial Day! There was enough fun woven among the working to make it fun. That's the way things should always be. A little work…a little play.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Field Day-May 15, 2014

Abbey and Elijah participated in their first ever  "Field Day". They had a blast!

Abbey's favorite event was the Hula hoop

Elijah enjoyed the 50 yard dash the most

Some other events were

The Three legged race

Jump Rope

Beanbag/softball toss

And the long jump

At the end, they both were happy with their ribbons!

Even the weather cooperated. It was supposed to be a stormy day. While it was cloudy, (which was a blessings because it wasn't hot), the rain waited until all of the events were done!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Like all Mother's Days when you have grown children, this year's was bittersweet for me. I didn't get to spend any time with my older daughters, which was the bitter part, but I did get to spend time with my boys, which was the sweet part.  (I did get to talk to Beth on the phone) We went to the beach, so John could start painting the outside of the house. John, Jr came and gave me a handwritten note that made me get all misty-eyed. Daniel gave me this plaque.

I loved that he thought this saying suited me! He went with his girlfriend to visit her family while her sister graduated from college. He made a special effort to drive back by himself to be with me on Mother's Day.

John, Sr. strongly encouraged me to do what I love to do, (but really have a hard time making myself take the time to do)…hang out by the pool.

That's as much into selfies as I get!

It was way too cold for me to get in, but I got to watch these two knuckleheads play in the pool.

Afterwards, we went to Provision to eat dinner. Again, my thoughful husband's treat, so I wouldn't have to cook on Mother's Day.

I love being Mom to these 6 blessings, and Mimi to two more precious beings. There is nothing on earth I'd rather be or do. I don't really need a day to commemorate it, but it's kind of nice to have one anyway.