Sunday, June 22, 2014

No longer a teenager

As of May 30, 2014, the world was minus one teenager. Daniel turned 20!

His chosen breakfast

Served to him in bed

Abbey and Elijah joined in

Taking time out from eating to text his girlfriend. I swear he has to have callouses on his fingers. They don't know how great they have it. (When John and I were apart during the summers while in college, we could only ring one time and hang up to let the other know we were thinking about them!)

Cake that night before he took off to celebrate in Wilmington.

I'm so proud of this latest member of the non-teenage club. His grades were good this semester and he  had to work through an injured knee while continuing to swim. He has an excellent work ethic. I must say that his room looks a lot neater than it did last summer when he was home, it's good to see that maturity developing.   His little brother and sister love him to pieces, a fact that warms this Mama's heart!

 We've had the expected little bumps that usually accompany a young adult moving back home, but I'm confident those bumps will smooth out over time.

My Danny boy has been a delight since he made his way into the world, blue faced from the rush to get out, and he continues to bring me joy with every day!


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