Monday, June 30, 2014

Baseball at the DAP~and an alternative meaning for carnivorous

We enjoyed face painting and watching a baseball game in Durham the other night.

Elijah got a kick out of watching a "real" baseball game in person but didn't want to have his face painted. Abbey got a kick out of transforming into a butterfly.

Daddy got a kick out of pretending that he had enough hair for a hair band.

This just might be the occasion that caused Abbey's latest estimation of her dear, old dad….

We were studying animal habitats for her Minecraft homeschool, and I read to her that a polar bear was carnivorous. I asked her if she knew what that meant. John was listening and interjected, "Daddy's carnivorous!" After thinking a minute, she replied, "Silly?"

While not the answer I was looking for, I had to give her credit that she made a very valid point! (but I wouldn't want him any other way)


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