Sunday, November 20, 2016

Evie Claire's extended visit

Beth and Greg took an extended vacation to Europe. They had a wonderful time, I'm sure. But, I got the better end of the deal...I got to keep little Miss Evie Claire for 12 days! I so enjoyed this little fireplug. She's so funny, smart, loving and strong willed.

We kept busy while she was here.

We went to see a Beatles Tribute band at an outdoor concert.

Went to the pool a lot

The kids introduced Evie to video games.

Sometimes, the girl was so pooped she passed out in the car.

We had lots of loving times. My favorite thing she said was, "We best friends, Mimi!"

At the end of her stay, we went to the beach, where her mom met us the day she returned from Europe. During her whole stay she counted down the days until she could go to, "my beach house", with the "my" meaning Evie.

We had a little tropical storm the first day there. Don't think that stopped my two! They rollerbladed and skateboarded right on through.

The sky cleared quickly and we enjoyed the beach!

My grand daughter loves, loves, loves the beach!

 John joined us. Evie also loves Uncle John...

and he's quite enamoured with her

 Beach naps are the best!

I love this cuddle bug!!
  So does her Papa

Abbey surfed a bit

Evie kept stated, "I want to syrup!" So, of course, Papa made it happen.

Elijah mastered the Frisbee

and shared his knowledge with EC

Beachin' it takes a lot out of a girl!

Evie was happy to see her parents when they came. Greg could only stay a couple of days, but Beth stayed longer. We went out to eat at Provision, and the singer sang just for Evie!

and "ice seem" afterward

I'm so very grateful that Beth, Greg and Evie live close enough for us to see them more often. I'm also grateful that they trust me with one of the most precious little ones. I enjoyed it immensely!