Monday, October 27, 2014

The collegiate swim season begins; Daniel gets more bling

UNCW's collegiate swimming year began with a meet against Tennessee. John, the kids and I were able to go and watch Daniel begin his junior year of swimming.

Pre meet huddle

Daniel's ready to go

Relay start

Doing his pre-race jumping jacks

and he's off…

These two are proud of their big brother.

That evening during the women's volleyball half-time, the men's swimming and diving team received their rings from last year's championship meet. You can read about it here

Coach Allen, although newly retired, this year, came back to give his team their rings.

Admiring his new bling

The "W" salute

Abbey and Elijah give their own "W" salute

13 conference championships is a major accomplishment!

 He has two fingers empty and two years left, how fun would it be to have a fist full of rings? We'll have to wait until February to see what will happen.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Abbey's eighth birthday

Miss Abbey turned 8 this past September. Her birthday breakfast choice demonstrated her sweet tooth.

Chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.

Served with birthday hugs from her brother.

That night she chose to go to the Asian buffet for dinner.

They gave her cake and sang to her.

More sweet tooth excitement…

then home to more sweets, a cookie cake and a present from Dad and Mom

Her first American Girl Doll, Josephina

and birthday kisses from Daddy

The next weekend we had a "Spa Party" at our house. We had 11 girls come to experience our in home spa.

Pretty food

The Nail polish cake, made by yours truly

a marshmallow, sprinkles and a tootsie roll…nail polish

playing a version of Musical Chairs which resulted in painted toes

Nana came up with a craft to "fancy-up" some flip-flops

Making scented bath salts

Our beautiful beautician, Anna, fixed everyone up with pink hair extensions.

If course, the food was yummy!

The juice fountain was fun

 as well as the chocolate fountain

The obligatory blowing out of the candle.

It was a different vibe, just having girls. Abbey had a wonderful time. It was fun to put together. It is now more than a month later and Abbey is still talking about how much she enjoyed her party…mission accomplished!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Thankful for the "Gotchas"

This past July and September we celebrated the days that our family grew by one. July 24, 2007 we welcomed a wonderful little girl into our family, and September 15, 2009 we were thrilled to add a dearly wanted son. Abbey and Elijah have brought us so very much pleasure. I can't imagine life without either one of them. In some instances, I think that God knew some of the struggles we would go through in life, and gave these two blessings to us to help us cope.

Their infectious laughter, zest for life and zany antics brighten up our days.

Their unconditional love for us and their siblings touch our hearts. I love these two, and their 4 siblings with every fiber of my being.

Both chose to go to the local ice cream shop to celebrate their gotcha days.

It is such an honor to be the mom of these two. They give me so much joy. Yes, there are times that try my patience, but I always know what a wonderful gift they are. Abbey and Elijah you are both loved by your Dad and me so very much! Don't ever forget that!

I will always be grateful for the Gotchas!