Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lucky Thirteen

Well, it wasn't so much luck, but a lot of hard work that brought Daniel and the rest of UNCW's men's swimming and diving team their 13 straight conference championship!

The meet was held in the aquatic center at College Park, MD.  John, the kids and I made the long drive toward the north, in order to cheer our favorite breaststroker on!

They are old hats at the "W"…

The hotel had an indoor pool, which helped pass the time between sessions. It was so cold that the heated pool created quite a fog. They didn't mind at all.

Daniel contributed to the win with both of his breaststroke events, but he had to fight back to do so. With his first event, 200 IM, he didn't perform very well, and wasn't happy with the time or place. At first he was a little distraught, but he buckled down and had a really good 100 breastroke swim.

It was so cool to get to see him parade in,

And pictured on the big screen as he was introduced,

Getting ready

Taking his mark,

and he's off!

The four day meet came down to the very last relay. The Seahawks won the relay with a new record, and along with that, they won the meet. This win was extremely sweet! Last summer, the administration publicized plans to cut the program. There was a huge outcry and they rescinded their plan. Several of the best swimmers left during the uncertain time to swim at other schools. So, they were low on there scoring swimmers. But, with a lot of tenacity and hard work, the remaining faithful did it!!

There was lots of celebrating afterwards.

The coach, (in the Hawaiian shirt), even got in the middle of it.

I noticed Daniel, after the celebration, going over and shaking the coach's hand. Later, I asked him what he said, and he said he just thanked Coach Allen for all he had done.

We waited around until they came out from the locker room to congratulate the champions.

Someone wasn't so keen about waiting around. They were upset to be getting back to the hotel after the pool had closed. They found a spot to sit and Abbey worked on getting out her loose tooth, while Elijah fought sleep.

Finally our champion appeared!

With the other sophomore swimmers

With his girlfriend, Cat, who is also a swimmer. The girl's team placed 4th.

Well done and well deserved!

I'm so thankful that we got to be there to see this win!

Next: We had special visitors at the meet.…

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