Monday, October 19, 2015

And School begins....September 8th

One of the reasons I enjoy homeschooling is that I get to start our school year after Labor Day. This year, John had arranged his work schedule so that he could work from the beach. So, we stayed the week after Labor Day. Thus, our first day of school took place at the beach.

A great incentive to get done....


Family Beach Trip

July 29-August 9

The family hit the beach this year and wonders from didn't rain! In fact the weather was nice most of the time.
There was a beautiful new, "blue" moon.

 Lots of good food shared...

Some of us liked to wear our "Beaches and Cream" ice cream

At Provision, before dinner.

 At home s'mores...(purse is on and she's ready to go)

Reading with Papa

 We enjoyed a concert at the Pavilion~The Embers!

 The obligatory Putt-Putt game.

A hole in 10!

 A hole in one!

"Where'd my ball go?? I don't want it to be over!"

 We played several rousing games of volleyball in the pool.

 Some of us grabbed a nap wherever we could.

 Of course, we enjoyed the beach

One little

2 little princesses on their way to the beach

Waverly's first ocean dip

Not so sure at first....

Then deciding it's pretty fun

 Abbey had her first taste of surfing...and loved it!

The teacher showing his stuff

 When the rain did come a cardboard box was great entertainment.

 Thank you, God for the beautiful, magnificent beach and for my big, magnificent family!