Wednesday, June 29, 2016

But, I want to be a big brother....

Sorry, Elijah, that just isn't happening, without a miracle from the Lord!

But, he would make a great big brother...

This was totally spontaneous. Evie was staying with us while her mom was away on business. I walked in after getting her toothbrush, and Elijah had started reading to her.


The last swim team end of year picnic

Among the list of lasts for our graduating senior is the end of season picnic for the swim team. This year the picnic was held at a local park. John, the kids and I attended to celebrate our favorite college swimmer.

They always have scrumptious food. I abstained this year, as I was on my diet.

Lou man and his master....

They love their brother and his dog!

We love our boy!

It was rather chilly for an April day. We had a good time connecting, maybe for the last time, with other parents. A strong sense of community develops after sitting in the stands cheering for our kids for 4 years.  Again, another good thing coming to an end, hopefully to be replaced by other fun things!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter Traditions.....

Egg hunts!

First one with friends.

and they are off!!

Sometimes being a bit vertically challenged means resorting to a little climbing

The whole gang!

Again, this year we went to the beach. Beth, Greg and Evie joined us.

Too cute for words!

Papa/Dad hid the eggs.

We went to church at Port City with Daniel on Saturday, so our Sunday was free to be spent hunting.