Monday, March 31, 2014

Elijah's birthday party

As usual, we went round and round trying to pinpoint what kind of party Elijah wanted. Finally he decided he definitely wanted a puppy party at a local park that has a cool sand thingy. The only problem was his birthday is in February. This winter has been one of the worst winters weather wise, so going to the park in February made me shiver to just think about it! We decided, or I decided and he agreed, that we would have his party the 2nd week of March, and maybe the weather would be better. Our gamble paid off! The weather was beautiful for his park/puppy birthday party.

The birthday boy with his button

 The puppy pinata and puppy goody bags

Nana and Anna ready to party!

Jamie celebrated with us

First we made the craft

Enjoyed the snacks!

 Ready for cake!

While the kids played, Mimi and Papa took Miss Layne to play in the park.

We ended with a pinata

The poor puppy didn't withstand many whacks, his head separated from his body pretty quickly.

The candy free for all

 The weather was great and the kids all had a great time…a birthday party success!!


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