Friday, July 4, 2014

You never know what will come out of their mouths next!

Spontaneity, kids write the definition of that everyday. You can never really guess what they might say.
Example one from Elijah:

I was talking to a friend about another friend's daughter's baby shower, when Elijah chimed in,

"You know you don't have to push a baby out….you can adopt like mom did with me and Abbey!"

Can you tell he has sisters who have given birth?

Abbey also never fails to entertain us:

On the drive to Ohio, Abbey did something really sweet (no one can remember what),  when John said, "When you do something like that, you make me want to give you whatever you want."

With out missing a single beat, Abbey piped up and said, "Pull over, I want to drive!"

Oh, so much fun, living with little children!!!

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