Sunday, July 20, 2014

The busy Mei-Mei reunion

We left our house in our little rental car about 9am, headed for Columbus, Ohio. The kids did really well with the drive. (The drives to NY and Holden, along with the "DV-go player", as Abbey has always called it, have gotten the kids pretty acclimated to long drives).

We made excellent time and were almost there, when John had to stop rather abruptly. Suddenly, our "check airbag" light came on and stayed on. I quickly scanned the owner's manual and read that this little warning meant the airbag could possibly do one of two things~
1. discharge for no reason or
2. fail to discharge when it needed to
neither of those two things sounded very good to us, so when we got to Columbus, John found an Enterprise and we went to get a different car.

The first Enterprise only had one car they would let leave the state. From the looks of it, I'm not sure it would have made it to NC. So, off to the airport Enterprise we went. What a good call that was! We were upgraded to a very nice car, twice the size of the one we had, all for the same amount of money.

We made it to Dorina's house, only about 40 minutes late. There was plenty of food waiting for us and the lawn games were just getting started. The girls didn't miss a beat, they picked up just like they had been together all year!

As darkness took over outside, the girls, (and Elijah), gathered and began watching, "Frozen". Abbey was completely in her element. It was fun to listen to them sing the songs.

The next morning, we went to The Center for Science and Industry, COSI. This was a neat, neat place.

Abbey dialing the old fashioned way

Your local news anchor

Emma and Elijah in the submarine

Abbey and Esther in a submarine

 The "high wire unicycle" was a hit with the adults (the kids were too small to do it)

 The car simulator was a hit with the kids

Especially our resident car enthusiast

Proof that men are just big boys…

This provided a mild electric shock. The men stayed here quite a while, experimenting with many configurations.
It was a really interesting museum to visit and we all enjoyed it thoroughly, but Abbey and Elijah would say it didn't matter where they were they were thrilled to reconnect with their "China sisters"

Abbey and Esther were inseparable

If there is an I phone available, Abbey will be there!

Abbey and Jody
It was a very busy day. More about the rest of the day and night will follow later.


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