Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Doing what we do best~Mei-Mei Reunion 204

There is one activity that all of our girls really enjoy. Because everyone likes to swim, we make sure that every reunion has a time for the kids to swim

They went back and forth from the hot tub

to the pool.

The adults enjoyed being together

After spending the afternoon swimming, we took part in another one of our traditions:
Eating out at a Chinese restaurant.

After we ate, we stood around the outside of the restaurant for about 45 minutes. It was as if we just hated to say goodbye.

Eventually, we did, but it was with sadness in our hearts that we wouldn't all be together for another year. On the positive side, the way time flies, it will be time to get together before we know it!

The next morning, we met Esther, Emma and Brooke for breakfast, then headed home.

Even in the bigger car, my two decided they needed some alone time.

 Elijah's tent

Abbey peaking out from her tent

I'm glad they had imposed their own exiles, because we were stuck in the car for an additional 2 hours because of a sad, sad wreck. A motorcyclist lost his life. The road was a two lane road, so no one could go anywhere for 2 hours.

Abbey entertained herself with Elsa while waiting.

Finally we made it back home with our heart full of gratitude for the life the Lord has given us, and the realization that none of us are promised a tomorrow. Therefore, we need to live every day as if it is our last. This is something that I, as I get caught up in the daily,"do this, do that", totally forget to do.


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