Sunday, May 29, 2011

Berry pickin', finally!

I say finally, because we tried to go strawberry picking three times, only to find out that each time the field has been picked over, and they had to close. This is the first year that I felt I could handle Abbey in a strawberry field. I must say she didn't let me down. Both of the kids were great. They stayed right with me and only picked ripe, red berries.

They also greatly surprised me by not eating a single berry until we got home.

First tastes

One loved them..

In fact, she loved them so much she decided to save some juice on her face and clothes for later!

And another surprise...

Elijah didn't like strawberries even a little bit.

In fact in the coming days I made 2 strawberry shortcakes. He would eat the cake and whip cream, and take the strawberries and lay them on the table beside his plate.

Ever the one to march to his own drummer..go figure!


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