Monday, October 31, 2016

God's plan for Daniel's next life phase

Daniel missed our vacation this year, but the reason for his absence was a reason for great rejoicing....he had secured his first big-boy job, doing exactly what he had hoped he would be doing upon graduation. He was leaving to go to Asheville to be an assistant swim coach at UNC-Asheville.

God really works mysteriously in the background leading to this job. Daniel was pretty stressed right after graduation about his future plans. He wanted to coach collegiately, but most programs required an advanced degree. He began networking and NC State (I know, I of our family at State????), but they had a grad assistant position open. It was a great opportunity to learn and the rent would be cheap...., but the positions paid absolutely nothing! He applied anyway and had some good preliminary conversations. Out of the blue, he received a call from the UNC-A head coach, who had called State and asked for recommendations. The rest is history, he got the job! He would be a collegiate assistant coach right out of college. God paved the way for a place to live and many other things just fell into place. So, that led us to John taking a U Haul the last weekend of our vacation and driving Daniel's things to Asheville.

He started Aug. 1st. He has enjoyed his job and although he is pretty lonely, he likes Asheville. Of course, this beach bum has yet to experience an Asheville winter. But, again, I know that he is where God led him.

Sporting his new team's garb, he visited for Abbey's birthday party.

Daniel knows that to achieve his goals, he will lead a bit of a nomadic lifestyle for a few years. But, for now he's settled in Asheville, doing what he loves!

Dozier Joins Women's Swimming Staff - UNC Asheville Bulldogs Official Athletics Site


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