Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 Summer League Swimming

Another summer league swim season has come and gone. This year's team had quite a bit of success. They only lost two of their six meets, which earned them the division championship.  Abbey and Elijah both swam and Daniel was the head coach.

They both thoroughly enjoyed swim team.

They loved the social times.

The team got to celebrate by diving in the pool at the end of a meet, if they won. Of course, no celebration would be complete without the swimmers pulling/pushing Daniel and Elizabeth into the pool with them!

Daniel was much loved by all, parents and kids alike. I have had many parents come and tell me what a wonderful job he did with the kids!

He enjoyed helping the kids get faster and passing on his love of the sport.

Every home meet would start with the kids parading in and Daniel and assistant coach, Elizabeth would lead cheers at the diving board.

Then Daniel would do a big 'ole belly flop

Anna, Layne, Nana and Grandaddy came to support the swimmers and coach.

Layne giving Abbey pointers

One day during practice, Daniel said, "What's wrong with Abbey, she's swimming so slow?" I didn't know it at the time but she was getting sick. After a Dr's visit and a diagnosis of an ear and sinus infection, I thought she would be good to go. A week later, she was still not feeling like herself. I took her back to the Dr. and found out that she had microplasmic pneumonia! Even with pneumonia, she kept right on swimming. Because of her dedication to keep going even when she felt bad, she was given the "swimmer of the week" award.

As is our tradition the season's end is always celebrated with an awards night.

Daniel and Elizabeth with all the awards awaiting to be given

The 6 and under boys

 With his trophy

The 7-8 girls

I love summer league swimming, this year it was truly a family affair. John was the home meet starter and I was the TSA representative. If you wanted to reach us on a Tuesday night, you'd have to come to the pool!!


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