Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elijah turns 7!

On Feb. 22, my little boy turned

We started his special day off with vanilla ice cream with whip cream and chocolate sauce

After dinner at Sweet Tomatoes we celebrated with cake, which he helped ice (that's a new tradition which was started by Abbey)

and then presents from Dad, Mom and Nana and Grandaddy

This guy has come leaps and bounds this year. He's started to read on his own and has no problem with simple math problems.  He's finished his book at Awana, while last year I don't think he said but about 5 verses the whole year. Elijah is still very loving and devoted to his family; mom and dad as well as his siblings. His tender heart is on display quite a bit.

 And he still loves, loves, loves cars. He can tell you what type of car is as he rides by. He'll point and say, for example, "BMW, they cost a lot of money, "or "Lexus," or "Toyota Camry". Even using his newly acquired phonics skills. He pointed to one car the other day and said, "Gimcu." I looked as I wasn't at all familiar with a Gimcu. It was a GMC!

 One day, Abbey said, "I wish there was only one car place." When I asked why, she said, "Because I'm tired of hearing Elijah ooo and ahhh about every car store we go by." He's totally mesmerized by cars and trucks.

I'm very thankful that he seems to have learned how to control his temper. We've had little to no tantrums in the past few months. He's working on expressing himself without losing it.

Life with this wonderful little boy is so sweet! Elijah you complete our family and we're so thankful that you are a part of our family.

I love you more than you'll every know.


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