Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The celebration of someone special's 9th birthday!

That special someone....Miss Abbey! My 5th baby turned 9 this past September! We had two celebrations to mark the occasion.

The first celebration was before her actual birthday.

We started out by going out to eat at Chilli's.

Then we went home and had ice cream cake.

Nana and Grandaddy took Abbey shopping at the mall during the day.

After visiting, "Justice" and "The Disney Store", John sought solace through playing his guitar.

He also got to meet Waverly.

Waverly wishes Abbey a very happy birthday!

The second party was one that fulfilled many of Abbey's longings. Ever since we have had our beach house, Abbey has wanted to have her birthday party there. She's also wanted to have a sleepover. This year, it happened that several friends were already at the beach for Labor Day, so we took advantage of them being there and invited a few others...a humungous party was the result!

We started out at the pool, playing volleyball and just hanging out.

Then we had hamburgers and hotdogs

After a wonderful mom friend filled about 240 balloons with water, we headed to the beach for water balloon fun!

Daddy gave out directions

And chaos ensued!

Time for a group picture

and then back to the house for cake, the movie Descendants(Disney), and sleep...after a while!

The next morning after breakfast, we went down to the park. One more group picture before everyone went home. (Our neighbor, Colton, joined us for this excursion).

My girl had a blast, and I think her friends enjoyed it also!

Abbey has always been a kid that when she gets "into" something, she really gets into it. This year we've seen obsessions with Legos, Star Wars, My Little Pony, Frozen and Descendants. She's grown so much this year. Physically, she went from a size 1 shoe to a 5!  She has a great sense of humor, and loves to make her Dad laugh. School wise, we've kind of hit our stride. It isn't very strenuous or taxing. She has a great vocabulary and reads well. Her math skills are way above grade level. Her downfall is spelling and writing. She really struggles with that subject, so this year I've got a new curriculum and am trying to get her caught up.

Emotionally, she's beginning to express how she feels a little more all the time. Over the course of this past year, she has really bonded with me.  I can truly say that I fill the Mommy role in her heart now. She wants to be with me and expresses sadness when she's not with me. She's become my appendage and cuddle bug. I love this personified burst of life so very much. She makes each day fun and sweet. I see pre-teenhood fast approaching and it is very bittersweet. I'm starting to prepare myself for the time that she goes "in the tunnel". I want her to grow up and be all God has designed her to be, but the pulling away part is never really fun.  For right now, though, she's a wonderful, loving, vivacious, articulate 9 year old and her Mom and Dad's baby girl, one of the 6 apples of their eyes!


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