Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Year's 2016...what makes it happy?

We went to the beach few days before New Year's Day. The weather was really mild, so we enjoyed several walks on the beach.

There was a fishing boat pretty close to the shore.

Solomon picked up a stick and refused to let go.

Beautiful winter sunset.

This was Solomon's first trip to the beach.

He loved digging in the sand. I'm sure he greatly appreciated being able to act on this instinct without it resulting in a yell of condemnation.

My big college boy put in an appearance

But, this nut....

He makes my new year. All is ok with the world when he's with me. We've been through 36 new years and there is no one on this planet I'd rather be with. Sometimes the prospect of a new year is threatening to me. I'm not one for change and I'm usually a little fearful of the possibility of changes another year may bring. We've talked about this fear, and he gets it;  just one of the many reasons I love doing life with him. He lets me voice my unfounded fears without retribution or reproach.

And we have fun in the meantime!
Here he is seeing what he'd look like with hair.

It's a Happy New Year, if we're together!


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