Sunday, August 21, 2016

Another year into adulthood, Daniel's 22nd birthday

This year we were again at the beach for Daniel's birthday. He had just started beach lifeguarding and was exhausted, but he took time to come to Holden and enjoy a little birthday celebration.  For his dinner, he requested fried chicken.

The sad looking plate in the lower corner was mine. I was about a month into my diet. Skipping this particular dinner though, didn't bother me; I'm not a big fan of friend chicken.

Now, strawberry shortcake, on the other hand.....

As usual, it was a complete joy to spend time with our big boy! His zest for life fills me with joy. I love hearing about his passions, which he was able to live out while lifeguarding. It's always wonderful when we get a chance to visit with him. The younger sibs absolutely adore their big brother. At this point, he was a bit nervous about his future, not knowing what he would be doing in the fall. We all agreed that he was in God's hands and that was the best place to be! As I'm writing this much later, I can attest that God was working!

Daniel was featured on the cover of "Wrightsville Beach" magazine.

He loved lifeguarding and helping save people! This love goes perfectly with who he is. I'm so very proud of his heart and concern for others!

Even though we celebrated his birthday, he came with a present for me.

He bought me a picture done by a Wilmington artist. This artist photographs the Wrightsville Beach waves up close. You can see Crystal pier in the distance. It's a one of a kind gift and one that I'll always cherish, not only for the significance of a local beach, but the thoughtfulness and love of Daniel choosing it for me! It has a place of honor on the shelf at our beach house. Everytime I look at it,  I'm reminded to thank God for the special young man Daniel is, and the gift that he is to all of us in our family!


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