Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hurricane Matthew

On September 28, 2016, Hurricane Matthew came to our state. In fact, at one point it was forecasted to come ashore right at our beach. We went a few days ahead and put all of the outdoor possible projectiles into the garages, and then went home to wait and pray.

It ended up that the beach house was relatively unscathed. We had more damage and loss of power in our home town than at the beach.

Our neighbor Bruce gave us play by plays. He told us that the waterway came up to the yard of the houses across the street.

We feel very thankful that we had such little damage.

Our front porch ceiling fan bit the dust

The beautiful pear tree next door didn't survive the winds.

The beach looked like a war zone. All of the dunes' fencing was gone with a lot of debris washed ashore. The beach was much thinner than before.

Abbey and I enjoyed the beautiful, after- the -storm- sunshine!


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