Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Before she chowed down! (See the empty shell on the right? Layla got that one)
Eating the finished product

Dyeing Eggs

Picture sequence is backwards from what I wanted it to be. Told you I was a novice!
Today, we celebrated Easter. It was a lovely day, the only bummer was that Beth and John, Jr couldn't join us. They both had come home last weekend to visit my Dad, who was recovering from a heart attack. We went to church then out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. Then, all five of us took a nap. We did the usual Easter traditions, the egg hunt and dyeing eggs. It was a relaxing day. As I pause to reflect, I'm filled with gratefulness to my Lord for suffering for me. John and I have tried to emphasize to our children the importance of Easter and how Easter validates our faith. We also both thought about Eli. We pray he will be with us next Easter. We also prayed today that God would keep him safe, healthy and bring him home to us soon!!

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