Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Alison e mailed me to tell me that we have a log in date of April 15, 2009. That is great. Our paperwork was submitted on Friday, April 10. So, next we pursue Preliminary Approval.

With the warm weather, Abbey has discovered how wonderful it is to be outside. The minute she comes downstairs in the morning, she wants to go outside. I've been letting her stay in the fenced in part of the backyard by herself. She rides her trike, plays with the dogs and rides her car. Just as happy as she can be.
Tonight, as we were sharing bedtime prayers. Abbey out of the blue said, "God bring Eli my home soon!" My sentiments exactly!

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  1. April 15 is a great day in my book! Glad that you finally have a LID.
    So very sweet that Abby is praying to bring Eli home soon ~ can't wait to be reading about your time in China...