Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ok, when in the world will we travel???

That is a great question. It appears that our agency's best guess is Nov. 5-20. There are several factors affecting when we can travel. China has a big holiday the first of Oct. Then 2 trade fairs in the middle and end of Oct. Therefore, travel to China during the month of Oct. is a big no-no. Now, if, and it is a God sized if, we can get our approvals faster than they predict (at least a week or more faster), then we could possibly travel in Sept. Whew! Am I happy about this? Nope, but I'm accepting. I know that the Lord is really in control, and if he doesn't choose for our stuff to get approved fast, then there is a reason. It's in His very capable hands. Also, today in the travel meeting, I had my eyes opened. We started the meeting with 4 couples and ended with 3. One couple, through no fault of their own, found out that they had to redo the I 800A and homestudy. They have had PA for a little, now 7 1/2 yr. old, girl for over a year. My heart was breaking for the Mom as she came to the realization that she wouldn't be able to travel as soon as she had thought. This put things in perspective for me. I've only been waiting for 4 months for a 16 month old boy. I have no right to complain.

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