Monday, November 7, 2011


The weather on Oct. 31st certainly didn't get the memo that outdoor activities were mandatory, because it was nasty. There was a cold, steady rain putting a damper on the usual traditions. We didn't get to have our neighborhood parade and walking from house to house was hindered by the carrying of umbrellas. But that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of  the two little folks that live in our house. They were so excited.

Our Ramases was a little bashful at the beginning
But, our queen was not shy at all

The queen surely does love her Rameses

Our first trick or treater-

Rocko the pirate    

"Look at all my loot!"

A few days before Halloween, we got together with our OAKS buddies. For some

Pumpkin decorating--

"Why, yes, I'm an expert sticker applier!"

Making crafts with pumpkin seeds--

Decorating cookies--

Still in love with sprinkles
and playing with friends--

Abbey and her good friend and former orphanage buddy, Lily

Abbey, Lily and Lucy

Despite the weather, Abbey and Elijah thoroughly enjoyed their Halloween night!



  1. Glad you took the trouble to slog through the rain to our house!

  2. I didn't even send Nadia out with the big kids since it was so yucky but did take a few pics of her in her costume. Hopefully we'll have better weather next year. The princess is beautiful as always and even though he's wearing the wrong mascot, the ram is cute too! :)