Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wedding Day!! Nov. 19th

  Since I've had two girls get married in one year, I've labeled myself the "Expert Mother of the Bride". As such expert, I believe that time goes by extraordinarily fast on wedding days. Each wedding day has found me rushing around like someone who's lost her mind, (actually, that's not too far from reality). On Anna's special day, I thought I was doing really well. The bridesmaids had come to our house to eat breakfast and have their hair done. While they were primping, I ran to Wal-Mart to get one last thing for the reception, as we had done most of the  decorating the day before.

Cake, ready and waiting
I came home from having my hair done, thinking that there was plenty of time. I decided to go ahead and get myself and Abbey dressed, still on time. Time for the shoes, and I could only find one. Calmly at first, I search for the missing where in sight. The next thing I know I'm frantically throwing shoes everywhere, still only having one in my hand. Anna shouts for me to come to the living room that the "putting on the dress, photo op" is about to happen. Forgetting the shoe, I realize I have a more pressing problem...I have no makeup on! There's no way I'm going to be in wedding album pictures with no makeup on. I frantically put on the basic makeup and rush into the living room. Because he can't come in, Elijah pitches one of his famous, "hissy fits", screaming bloody murder. We take pictures and then the wedding party's female members are off to the church. I finish my makeup, when Julia, our wedding director, calls and asks for the flowers. Oops! They are still at our house. John has to run them to the church. Time for me to search for the shoe. I take Abbey with me, say a prayer and ask her to help me look. She picked up a shoe and low and behold, it was the missing shoe. I still don't know how I missed it, but somehow I did. (Definitely not discounting divine intervention). John comes back, and we are off. As we pull into the parking lot, Julia calls again, we are one boutonniere short. My wonderful son-in-law, Greg, graciously agrees to go back home and get the missing flower. Whew! We are finally where we need to be.

While waiting, we take more pictures.

Me and my big girls
The rest of the day flowed by as planned,(give or take a few plans). But all that mattered was Anna and Jamie pledged their love for each other and started their new life together!

They wrote their own vows. They both were very sweet and thoughtful.

Then the rings...

 Introducing, Mr. and Mrs. Jamie *******

On to the reception

First dances....

Anna partied with the younger set at the reception

Pretty darn amazing, I still struggle to believe that I have two daughters that are married! What a relief to think that I have quite a few years before I'll need to don my "Expert Mother of the Bride" hat again!

*Thanks to our good friend, Merritt, for sharing her photos!*



  1. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding Glenda! I'll be sure to call you for your expert advice when my girls hit this milestone (which I hope is years from now!)

  2. What a day! I am sure you did a wonderful job as mother of the bride(again) !

  3. It was a beautiful day and Anna was simply radiant! We'll be praying for the newlyweds!