Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5 years since Abbey's Gotcha Day

Five years ago today, God granted me one of my heart's desires. It was in the form of a little girl who captured her Daddy's and my heart.

Our first view of "the babies". We were trying to figure out which one was ours. Wasted effort on our part, as Abbey was asleep on the couch and we couldn't see her.

And then she was in my arms....

I couldn't stop the tears, I'd dreamed of this day for many years  

My precious baby!

Even Daddy was immediately smitten...

She never cried, but was very somber.

And oh, so beautiful!   

 The first night, she went right to sleep and slept all night.

 When she woke up, I peeked over the top of the crib. I'll never forget the startled look on her face, as if she said, "Wow, you're still here??

She had many self-soothing behaviors. She bubbled spit, made a clucking noise in her throat and looked at her hands constantly. She couldn't sit up or hold up her head. It took three days before she smiled at us. I'll never forget the moment I looked down and her eyes had completely disappeared and she was flashing this beautiful smile....

I knew everything was going to be alright!

Five years later, today was a special day for Abbey. She talked a lot about her "Gotcha Day". Last night when we were talking, she asked, "What exactly is my 'Gotcha Day'?" I explained to her and she said, "Oh, so we get to go out to eat?" "No, I explained but we can make a cake or buy a special treat to celebrate." She picked out cupcakes at the grocery store and told several people there that today was her "Gotcha Day"

So tonight we sang, "Happy, Happy Gotcha Day", composed on the spot by Daddy, and enjoyed cupcakes.

Oh what a wonderful day June 25, 2007 was!


  1. Happy Gotcha day to one amazing little lady! I still recall meeting you shortly after she came home when we were up visiting Shannon. Amazing how far she's come...
    God is so good in choosing families for his children!

  2. I loved your Gotcha Day pictures Glenda. Especially the one of her smiling at you! Melts my heart! And congratulations to Daniel on his graduation! I'm trying to make more of an effort to get back to blogging and reading blogs. I had taken an extended sabbatical as we were building our addition on our house. It was fun catching up with your 'life'!