Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D-Man's birthday!

We recently celebrated another birthday in the D. house. Daniel is now 18! Oh me, oh my, where has the time gone??? Hard to believe that 18 years ago he made his entrance into this world so fast that his face and head were completely blue. Thus, Beth nicknamed him, "Little Boy Blue". In fact her exact words were, "I think Little Boy Blue is quite cute!". The blue quickly faded and he became this beautiful baby.

Taken the day he was dedicated to the Lord

About 2 yrs old, one of my favorite pictures. He was so stinkin' cute!

After losing his first two teeth.

This boy has always adored sports. Any sport, but especially basketball and football. He had an imaginary friend, Jamison,(ie after Antawn Jamison, a Carolina player). He and Jamison played endless hours together. Basketball and football. He would come in covered in mud and say, "Whew, Mom they're tackling hard out there today!" Our neighbors used to love to watch him play a full football game right by himself.

He's always greatly admired his big brother and wanted to do anything that John did. 

He had to have his little drum set, sitting right beside John's big set.
He followed John into swimming. 

He always said, "One day, I'm gonna swim at The High Point!" That was where the Jr. Olympics for NC was held back in the day. My heart swelled with happiness for him when he actually did get to swim at "The High Point" and not only swam, but took the title of NC State Champion!

Racking up medals from the NC State Games.

What a joy this young man has been to our family. He's a wonderful big brother and all his older siblings think he's pretty special also.

We are so incredibly proud of you Daniel-boy! We love you to the moon and back and thank God for the gift of our "Little Boy Blue" (even though he isn't so little anymore, or blue, for that matter!)

Happy Birthday Daniel!

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