Monday, November 18, 2013

Evie Claire comes home

Beth spent a day and a half in the hospital. That was a day and half more than she wanted to be there. The conditions weren't the most pleasant. She had to share a room, meaning that Greg couldn't spend the night with her. I thought that was awful. The second night, she had a meltdown due to the care, or lack thereof, that she received. She called Greg at 2 am crying, incredibly distraught, and her knight in shining armor, found a way to coerce his way to her room. He didn't push his luck and stay too long, but he got to give her a little comfort.  She was more than ready to come home the next morning. The hospital had to repeat Evie's hearing screening. The first day she did not pass on one ear, but the second day, she passed with flying colors. (The doctors attributed the first result to the fast paced birth).

Papa (John) had been designated as the driver to deliver the precious cargo home. The car we had rented was akin to a pregnant roller skate, so no room for me or the kids. As John made his way to and from the hospital, the kids were majorly suffering from cabin fever, so we set off to explore. We found a park and they got to play for a little while. We sauntered back to Beth and Greg's place and anxiously waited the new family's arrival. (I had a killer headache all day. I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 9 with major ibuprofen, and a 10 without it. So the day is a bit of a blur to me).

Finally they made it home.

                                                   Big sister Bella welcomed them.

By the way, Bella did really well when she met her new family member. A few days later, she was caught cuddling up to her new baby sister. Man, I love that fur baby!

                                                     The new family, home at last!

Decked out in her coming home finery

                                                       Notice her girlie "Jordans"

Greg's mom and stepdad were also there to welcome baby Evie home. It was neat to see them again. I wish we had had more time to catch up! After they left, I offered to cook dinner. Beth suggested a meal she would like, and John, the kids and I set off to the neighborhood grocery store to get food to cook. It was a learning adventure.  Life in the city is certainly different in some ways than life in suburbia.

While we were in New York, Abbey and Elijah handled the trip very well. It was a whirlwind, not so kid friendly trip, but they were troopers. They did get to explore a little. The highlight for them was riding  the subway.

They got their first hotdog from a street vendor, and ate it on the sidewalk.

John had a very limited amount of days off, so way too soon, we had to say goodbye. To say it hurt my heart, is to put it mildly. I hated leaving! Beth and I both cried. I continued to cry off and on the whole way home. My life is my family and when any of them are away from me, it's like a part of me is missing. I am very thankful for the smallness of today's world. Beth has done a great job sending pictures and little video snippets. Evie has already changed so much. I can't wait to see her (and her parents) this Christmas!



  1. It takes a village! I'm so glad we were all there to help Beth and Greg deliver Evie safely home! It was wonderful to see all of you again!


  2. Aww, so sorry for you to have to leave all too soon.
    And I just have to add that Beth looked AMAZING when she got home.