Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Watching Daniel living his dream.

For many years, Daniel dreamed of being a NCAA Div. 1 athlete.  He is now living that dream, and loving it! We've been able to attend 3 of his meets so far this year. Daniel has gotten bigger, yet slimmed down considerably. The first meet of the season was against Tennessee. The kids and I went to this one by ourselves, because John had to work.

The little kids did really well with the 2 hour ride and then sitting through the meet.

They were so excited to see Daniel!

The next meet we went to was against Emory. This was a reunion for several of the kids that Daniel swam with during high school.

Again, Abbey and Elijah are ecstatic to see Daniel.

Daniel is doing well with his swimming, achieving best times. It's a great feeling to see one of my kids doing something they really enjoy!


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