Sunday, December 22, 2013

Elijah's musings

There are times when one of my kids makes a statement that I want to remember. Of course, as the years flow by, who said what sometimes becomes blurry. Lately, Elijah has said several things that I want to remember.

Last night during bedtime rituals, Elijah touched my heart with his prayer. He said, "God, please help the poor people. Maybe give them some pennies, or nickels or quarters? And they need toys." This was totally unprecipitated by me and struck me that he was developing a heart for others. He's also starting to get some things spiritually as shown by his statement as he said the blessing one night. "Jesus, thank you for you."

The other day while Christmas shopping with my two youngest side-kicks,  Abbey picked up a little negligee thingy and held it up towards herself. Elijah matter of factly looked at her and said, "Abbey, you've got to grown some bigger boobies before you can wear that. Right now, you have little bitty boobies."

It's fun to see how kid's brains work by listening to what comes out of their mouths.


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