Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas was coming….(a simple, and I mean really simple, poem)

The signs were everywhere. Christmas was on it's way!

Small group caroling denotes the approach of that glorious day…

Black Friday evening shopping leads the way.

As I follow my blocker, and he nabs the big deals of the day!

Home from school for the holiday, the computers are humming; modern-day communiqué

Christmas cookie baking's a must, we all say…

A foot in the dough, requires no dismay…

'tis a Tarheel house through and through we portray!

A tradition through the years, where the bright colored sprinkles rule in disarray.

Then, off to an afternoon spent with the D family faraway.

Where techno-junkies are allowed to play.

and the more athletic types compete, showing their round-ball prowess (or so they say)

A kindly big brother's height requires no repay.

The new Grand-baby is admired and displayed.

While the matriarch, aka Grandma, watches the whole display.

Treasured traditions leading up to that day that makes us all jump and shout, "Hip-Hip-Hooray!"


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