Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

When Evie Claire was born, we only got to see her for a day before we had to leave and come back home. John and I were so excited that she and her parents would be spending Christmas with us this year. We were so looking forward to getting some time to love on her.

Beth and Greg had a dickens of a time getting here. It took them about 7 hours to make a trip that usually takes 4 hours. The traffic was horrid! But, they finally got here. I was cooking in the kitchen and looked up to see Bella jumping on the kitchen door, wanting to be let in. I petted her and then ran out to see the baby, family. While I greeted Beth, Greg and, of course, Evie Claire, Bella ran laps all around our cup-de-sac. She was glad to be back in ole NC!

Shortly after they got here, Beth and Greg gave Evie her first bath at Mimi and Papa's house.
She looks like she's saying, "What in the world are you doing to me?"

We all worked and worked to get a coo or gurgle out of her.

Gave lots and lots of kisses.

(Bella got her cuddles too)

Mimi and Papa even got to babysit one night, while the parents went out to eat and see a movie. We tried to help the new parents get some much needed sleep by taking care of Miss Evie, (a tough job, I know, but someone had to do it).

She's such a beautiful baby. We are totally in love with her.

Christmas Evie in her Santa suit.

Christmas Eve was a little different from past years. We went to church earlier in the day, but for some reason, we were running behind schedule. We still gathered and read the Christmas story from the Bible.

sang some carols,

gave family gifts

and did the annual pig out.

For some reason this year the horseradish wasn't as hot as in previous years. The annual challenges lacked some of the "punch" of years past.

No singed nostrils and tear-filled eyes. No one's suffering to laugh at…aww shucks!

After we were stuffed and the little ones were asleep. Beth and I watched a "chick-flick" and the boys played cards. If you happened to be our neighbors and couldn't sleep for the loud, exuberant yells, then I apologize. If the decibel level was proportionate to the enjoyment, then they must have had a blast!

Christmas Eve 2013 was wonderful, because of these folks were here:

It was great! If Anna, Jamie and Layne had been here, it would have been perfect!

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  1. Both of your granddaughters are so beautiful! I'm sure this Christmas was extra special having them around. :)